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StripGel Deluxe Starter Kit

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SensatioNail™ StripGel Peel Off Base Coat Deluxe Starter Kit

No more acetone/soaking! Our SensatioNail StripGel starter kit comes with everything you need to do a peel off gel manicure. This includes an LED lamp with USB lead & mains adaptor, buffer, cleanser & wipes for preparing the nails, 2 colour polishes - Raspberry Wine and a mystery bonus colour.

Our non-wipe top coat and StripGel base coat that means you can easily remove gel from nails by simply peeling it off, without damaging nails and whilst maintaining up to 2 weeks of gel manicure wear.

If you love the kit, and therefore run out of gel polish, cleanser, StripGel Base Coat or anything else, you can top-up your supplies with the Essentials Kit. Then, just choose one of our 120+ gorgeous shades of Gel Polish and you’ll be ready to go!

Please note, you can use SensatioNail StripGel Base Coat with any Original SensatioNail Gel Polish. We do not advise using StripGel Base Coat with Express Gel Polish. 

Find out more from visiting our YouTube channel. 


The StripGel Deluxe Starter Kit includes:

  • LED lamp with USB lead & mains adaptor
  • StripGel Peel Off Base Coat
  • Buffer
  • Cleanser & Wipes
  • Raspberry Wine Gel Polish
  • Mystery Bonus Gel Polish colour
  • Non Wipe Top Coat

Instructions for use:

  1. First prepare your nails. Gently push cuticles back with stick provided then file nails to shape.
  2. Buff lightly all over with the finest side of the buffer to remove shine, then wash hands in washing up liquid and dry thoroughly. Wipe with cleanser on a lint free wipe to dehydrate nails.
    Tip: The easiest way to complete your manicure is to do 4 fingers on one hand, 4 fingers on the other, then both thumbs.
  3. Apply the base coat to the nail leaving a narrow border around the edge and allow to air dry for a few seconds.
  4. Apply a coat of SensatioNail Original colour polish and cure for 30 seconds in the LED lamp, repeat with a second coat & cure again. 
  5. Finally apply the no wipe top coat and do a final cure for 15-30 seconds. That's it - you're done!! 

Removal: Do not remove within the first 48 hours after applying. When ready to remove, gently lift the polish at the cuticle or side edge and peel away slowly. After removal there may be a tacky layer left on the nail. This can be rubbed into the nail plate like a ridge filler or wiped away with cleanser. 

Applying and Removing Original SensatioNail With StripGel Peel Off Base Coat


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