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SensatioNail Removal Kit

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The SensatioNail™ Gel Polish Removal Kit is a unique, handy way to remove gel polish without all the hassle. Simply buff and wrap! Watch the video...

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The SensatioNail Removal Kit includes:

  • 3 x sets of 10 foil wraps
  • SensatioNail 4 way nail buffer block


  • First file away all of the top shiny layer of polish, being careful not to go down to the natural nail.
  • Tear open the foil pouch & apply SensatioNail Remover liquid (sold separately) or 100% Acetone to the cotton pad inside.
  • Place nail inside and wrap tightly. Tip - you may find it easier to do one hand at a time.
  • Leave for 15-20 minutes.
  • Pull off the foil wrap and much of the gel polish will remain inside having flaked away.
  • Remove the remainder gently using the SensatioNail removal tool (sold separately) or a cuticle stick.
  • Wash and dry hands. If you use a cuticle oil, now is a good time to apply it.

Gel Nail Removal Kit

Glam up Your Nails and Remove in an Instant with Your Sensationail Removal Kit

Have you ever wondered how to get a salon grade, glossy gel manicure without breaking the bank and losing out on time? Sensationail has created a range of gel nail kits that are easy to apply, dry in seconds and stay glossy and un-chipped for weeks on end – no expensive salon required!

These gel nail kits are suitable for complete novices and professional users and with practice; you can have beautiful nails for all occasions. Maybe you have a big party coming up or first date – get your nails all glammed up and glossy in no time at all with Sensationail gel nails. And of course Christmas is the time to be merry and add a little sparkle to your life – why not try out a sparkly gloss like the Gilded Glamour colour or the Tangerine Glitter?

After enjoying your glossy nails for a few parties, you may want to tone down the colour for an important meeting. That’s why Sensationail has made it so easy to remove their gel manicures with a Sensationail gel removal kit.

How to Use Your Gel Nail Removal Kit

Available as part of the gel nail polish remover kit, removal wraps are a quick and easy way to remove your old nail gel. Make sure you work on a flat surface like a chopping board or table covered with paper towels, to protect from spillages.

-          Use sides one and two of the buffer block to buff away the top layer of polish. File the edges to break the seal made from capping.

-          Open the foil pouch and soak the cotton inside with the Sensationail remover liquid or 100% acetone.

-          Rest your buffed nail against the soaked cotton pad, then wrap tightly in the pouch to lock in heat. Add gloves or oven mitts to speed up the process and leave for 15-20 minutes.

-          Pull off the foil wrap.

-          Remove any remaining gel polish with the Sensationail removal tool or a cuticle stick. If any gel refuses to budge, wrap the finger up again for five minutes.

Buy Your Sensationail Gel Removal Kits Online and In-store

You can purchase a Sensationail gel nail removal kit from Boots, Argos and Tesco’s in-store and online at Sensationail. The Sensationail removal kit tool and gel polish removal bundle retails at 17GBP and the Sensationail removal kit and tool bundle can be purchased at 12.50GBP. If you want all the added extras, grab yourself the Sensationail's essentials kit removal kit and removal fluid bundle, which is a steal at 30GBP.

Treat Yourself or a Loved One with a Sensationail Gel Polish Kit

The Sensationail gel polish kits and all the accessories are great gifts to buy for yourself, or as a treat for a special loved one. Give a gel polish kit and a gel nail removal kit for a birthday present or even as stocking fillers at Christmas time. They’ll love the gift of having beautiful nails without the time, stress and added cost!


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