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SensatioNail Gel Primer

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SensatioNail™ Gel Primer

Top up your supply of gel nail primer for your SensatioNail™ gel nail polish manicure kit.

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  • SensatioNail™ Gel Primer 3.54ml bottle

Gel Nail Primer

Prep Your Nails for a Longer Lasting, Glossy Finish

Getting salon quality nails in the comfort of your own home, has never been easier than with SensatioNail. No need to make an appointment, pay hefty prices and spend time travelling to a salon -- you can become a nail expert yourself!

Getting red carpet, glamorous nails is achievable for anyone with SensatioNail, but a little preparation is key to getting a long lasting, glossy shine. Using a gel nail primer is just one of the essential steps in the gel manicure process, which creates an extra sticky layer on your nail ready for the gel polish application.

Why Use SensatioNail Gel Primer?

Fail to prepare or prepare to fail the choice is yours! Using a gel polish primer is essential to prepare your nails and give your nail polish a sticky surface layer to attach to. Without it your gel polish may not attach to your nail correctly and could decrease its longevity. Although the majority of nails will benefit from the SensatioNail gel nail primer, it’s important to understand it depends on the type of nail you have and some may not need it.

How Much Gel Primer Do I Need?

We are all made differently and depending on the type of nail you have, will mean your nails respond to different amounts of gel primer. Healthy, oily nails will need a full amount of gel polish primer and the drier your nails, the less amount of gel primer you will need.

How to Apply Primer Gel Polish for Your Nail Type

If you have very healthy oily nails, you should apply your gel primer to the full nail after pushing the cuticles back, filing, shaping and buffing your nails. Normal nails should have primer applied in an oval shape around the centre of the nail, not touching the sides. Normal to dry nails should have gel based primer applied to only the tip of the nail. If you have very dry nails, it’s not recommended to apply any gel primer to your nails. After application make sure you allow your nail to air dry for 30 seconds.

Beautiful Nails at Affordable Prices

SensatioNail gel nail products are quality and affordable, allowing every woman to have the beautiful nails she deserves. Each home nail kit comes with everything you could need to achieve glossy nails that last. You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to achieve a red carpet look that’ll be the envy of your friends!

Each nail kit contains a SensatioNail gel primer base and top coat to get your nails ready for your chosen colour. Preparing your nails is the key to get your colour to last and stay chip free for the longest time possible. If you need any help applying your first gel manicure, you can reach out to one of the friendly SensatioNail experts, who’ve been helping people achieve rock star nails for many years. SensatioNail gel primer instructions can also be found on the website.


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