SensatioNail Gel Cleanser & Wipes

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SensatioNail gel cleanser and lint-free wipes.

Includes 1 x SensatioNail gel cleanser, 12 x lint-free wipes, 1 x nail buffer and 1 x manicure stick.

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This SensatioNail gel cleanser and lint-free wipes pack includes:

  • 1 x SensatioNail gel cleanser 27.2ml
  • 12 x lint-free wipes
  • 1 x nail buffer
  • 1 x manicure stick.

SensatioNail Nail Cleanser

Keep Your Nails Strong and Shiny with the SenstatioNail Cleanser

SensatioNail gel nail cleanser is an essential part of your nail kit, which will help to remove gel residue when priming your nails and will also help to seal and add shine to the finished look. It’s important to ensure the surface of your nails is clean and primed, ready for the application of nail gel. If you have old gel residue still stuck to your nails, this could make your new coat look lumpy and may harm the health of your nails.

How to Use Nail Cleanser

After you have washed your nails, pushed back your cuticles and buffed and shaped your nails, you’ll need to prepare the surface ready to receive nail gel. Add some gel cleanser to a lint free wipe and clean each nail. Allow to dry for around 15 seconds using your LED nail lamp.

Next you will apply primer, base coat, a gel nail polish colour and a top coat, with each layer being cured in the LED lamp for 15-30 seconds. Finally, you need to reveal the shine on your gel nails by wiping them over with a clean lint free wipe and some gel nail cleanser. This process removes the sticky moisture layer, allowing you to see the final product in all its sparkling glory.

Prime, Seal and Maintain Your Nails

SensatioNail make it easy for you to create glossy, salon grade looking nails for every occasion. Each gel nail kit comes with all the equipment and products needed, alongside a handy step-by-step guide for application. You can top up products in your nail kit at any time at great prices from the online store.

The SensatioNail gel cleanser for nails is an important piece of kit, allowing you to prime and seal your nails. You can purchase extra gel cleanser and wipes for 8.50, with the pack including; 1x SensatioNail gel cleanser, 12x lint free wipes, 1x nail buffer and 1 nail stick.

Quality Products and a Huge Range to Choose From

SensatioNail is an established and well-loved producer of home gel nail kits. Over the years they’ve produced a massive range for their clients to choose from including starter kits, polish to gel kits, express gel one step kits, fuse kits and a range of accessories. Each kit has everything you could need to get glam, red carpet nails in the least amount of time, meaning you can spend more time at the party.

SensatioNail offers the best gel nail cleanser, at the best prices to ensure your nails are primed and sealed to a glossy finish. If you need gel nail cleanser in the UK or any other gel nail products, SensatioNail has everything you could possibly need. To further help you stretch the pennies, there’s a huge range of sale items to choose from including; gel nail polishes reduced from 12.50 to 7.50, a stripgel and no wipe top coat bundle saving you 2.50 and of course free delivery if you spend 20 pound or more!

Get ordering today and make your manicure perfect!


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