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SensatioNail Colours

Choose a SensatioNail Nail Colour to Suit Any Occasion

Whether you’re looking to rock out at a music gig, get all glammed up for an awards night or just look pretty for a dinner with friends, SensatioNail has got you covered with a nail colour to match your outfit and mood.

Get yourself noticed with a fiery red nail gel or maybe you want to sweeten up your look with a sugar plum tone. The SensatioNail pink chiffon nail colour, will bring together your look on a Friday night out with friends or maybe you want to match your nail gel to your favourite drink with the raspberry wine tone. Black and white will let you show the devil or angel in you and of course the Miss behave nail colour will look great on a date night. Splash on a touch of coral nail polish for a trip to the beach.

Fast-Drying, High Shine SensatioNail Gel Polish Colours to Get You Noticed

Choosing the right SensatioNail gel colour can not only vamp up your look, but change the way people perceive you. If you love your job and regularly take control in a power suit, you can go strong and bold with your nail colour. Red represents power and prestige and will surely let your nails grab attention. Lighter colours like white lily and babydoll pink, give the impression of innocence and purity and can be a good choice for weddings and summer events.

Go for gold and glitter if you’re off for a fun night out and want to add a little sparkle to the evening. Pink is a feminine, easy to wear colour that is great to wear daily or alongside a pretty dress for an event. Browns and purples are earthy and sophisticated and will work well on an elegant night out or at an important dinner. Tangy oranges and coral blues give the feeling of warmth and would work well for a day out at the beach.

How to Apply Your Chosen SensatioNail Gel Colour

Follow this guide to apply your gel nail polish like a pro;

-          Place a small amount of gel nail polish in the centre of the nail, nearer but not touching the cuticle end

-          Spread the gel towards the cuticle without letting it touch

-          Pull the polish down towards the tip of the nail

-          Spread the polish out from the cuticle towards the sides without touching the skin

-          Pull the polish up towards the tip

-          Repeat on the other side

-          Run the brush from side to side at the tip, to seal the polish and prevent chipping

All the regular SensatioNail gel polish colours can be bought for 12.50, or you can take advantage of a great deal offering you 12 SensatioNail gel colours for the price of 8 at 100 (saving you 50!). This fantastic offer includes the treatments and top/base coats and gives you a FREE red and green glitter puffer FX as a gift.