White Out Nails

White nails are the current trend this season because of their naturalistic and minimalist look, you may have seen celebrities on the red carpet featuring these eye catching white out style manicures.

The stark white nail trend is something fresh and fun that both young and old can enjoy; it’s modern yet neutral, you can glam it up or tone it down.

White Out Gel Nails

SensatioNail was featured in an event hosted by Boots in Nottingham featuring the latest on trend looks. While the event was taking place we demonstrated how to achieve the white out look using White Lily for SensatioNail and Polar Bare from our new Fuse Gelnamel range. Guests were invited to try out the look for themselves at our 4 DIY nail stations. It was a fantastic turn out and everyone seemed to love the look they could create, even better knowing they could recreate it in the comfort of their own home with one of our gel nail kits

White Out Nail Demo

Get the look:

For the best white out nails follow your SensatioNail instructions and apply 2/3 coats of White Lily depending on the coverage desired.

Now of course some of you might find having pure white nails too stark and it might not be to everyone’s taste, so we had our manicurist come up with a selection of nail art sticks featuring designs to show how you can soften the look.

SensatioNail manicures with White Lily and nail art in Midnight Rendezvous.

Nail art can be applied using the dotting tool, fan brush, striper brush and slanted brush to create different effects all available on our website (see our nail art range here).

Once your 2 coats of white are cured it is time to apply your nail art, because SensatioNail does not set until it goes under the lamp you can wipe with cleanser and try again as many times as you like until you're happy. If you're worried about smudging a part of the design while doing another bit, set the bit you're happy with then carry on until finished.

Once the nail design is complete either apply a final top coat and cure or add more details like glitter accents or gems, curing again before final top coat (use the dotting tool to pick up gems with a small amount of clear gel on the end to make it tacky).

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