Which SensatioNailer Are You?

If there’s one thing we’ve come to realise over the years, it’s that no two SensatioNail customers are the same. From the nail shapes and polish colours you prefer to the way you like to apply and remove your gel, each one of you has a slightly different manicure style.

To help you work out which SensatioNailer you are, we’ve put together four options to discover which of our products are best for you. From StripGel peel-off gel nail polish, to easy peasy Express, or SensatioNail’s original salon quality range, you can create the results you want from the comfort of your own home.


Do you love the shine of a gel manicure and how long it lasts, but hate the removal process? Do you want to change colours regularly and be gentle on your nails?

Try our PeelOff StripGel kit!

Our brand new SensatioNail StripGel Peel Off base coat is an air-dry base that helps you easily remove SensatioNail Original gel polish from nails by simply peeling it off when ready, without damaging your nails and maintaining up to 2 weeks of gel manicure wear.

You simply apply a thin layer of the base coat and allow to air dry for a few seconds, before continuing with your original gel manicure. Do not remove within the first 48 hours after applying. When you’re ready to remove, gently lift the polish at the cuticle or side edge and peel away slowly. After removal there will be tacky layer left on the nail. This can be rubbed into the nail plate like a ridge filler or wiped away with cleanser.



Are you the type of person who loves how your nails look after a professional manicure along with its wear time-but without the cost?

Try our Original Gel Starter Kit!

With the original at-home gel nail polish, you can get stunning salon results that last up to 2 weeks, at a fraction of the price it costs to go to your favourite nail bar.

To use the gel starter kit, simply prepare your nails with the nail file, cuticle stick, primer and cleanser included. After applying the base coat and curing, you can go ahead and paint your nails whilst curing each coat under the SensatioNail LED nail lamp. For a full tutorial, watch our SensatioNail™ Invincible Gel Polish Application video.

You’ll have the perfect manicure in no time and be able to enjoy a glossy, long-lasting finish with nearly zero dry time. To remove, use the traditional acetone via foils or soaking method which takes around 20 minutes. Alternatively, you could use our new Peel Off StripGel Base Coat for speedy, acetone-free removal.



Do you have heaps of normal polishes that you don’t want to throw about, but want some of that zero dry time, high shine and long wear that gel polish manicures provide?

Try our Polish to Gel Transformer!

With our Polish to Gel Transformer Starter Kit you can easily turn your favourite nail polish into a quick dry, long-lasting gel polish manicure. You can either mix 6 drops of your traditional polish with 6 drops of the gel transformer, painting and curing as you would an original gel manicure. Alternatively, you can paint on two layers of the traditional polish, air dry and then apply a coat of the gel transformer and cure. For a full tutorial, watch our Polish to Gel Transformer video.

Your manicure will last 7-10 days, and can be removed in about 20 minutes using the acetone foils or soaking method.



Are you busy with work, life and everything in between, but still want a gel manicure the cheapest and fastest way possible?

Try our Express Gel range!

The SensatioNail Express Gel kit includes a revolutionary, all-in-one gel polish which you brush on and cure to finish off your manicure in under 10 minutes. The one step application is chip resistant and provides up to 10 days of vibrant gel colour and shine, with no tacky residue. No top coat or base coast is needed, and you just cure for 30 seconds and go! Find out more about the difference between SensatioNail Original Gel Polish and Express Gel here.



Have you got a bit impatient waiting for acetone to work its magic and damaged your nails through improper gel removal?

Try our Gel Rescue Nail Rejuvenator!

This highly effective soothing nail care treatment is infused with the latest nail repairing superfoods: Acai, Bamboo and Avocado. It is also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

The carefully selected ingredients work to reduce ridges and improve lustre to natural nails that are in need of rescue.

After just a week of using the Nail Rejuvenator as a base layer to your usual gel manicure, your nails will appear healthier and restored.

Fancy a bit of all five?

Most of the SensatioNail products work together and are interchangeable. So, if you’re always changing your mind you can always change your manicure too! Watch all of our application videos.

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