nailsshoulderblog…how about saving her time and money?

Loads of us are loving the latest trend in nail care – the gel manicure.

You know the one – lasts a couple of weeks without chipping, stays super shiny etc...

Now whilst I love the manicure, there were 2 downsides for me getting one at the salon – time & money. Time-wise, not many of us can always give up the time during salon hours; or if it’s short notice, can’t always get a salon to fit us in.

Money-wise, with an average Gel manicure or pedicure costing over £20, it’s a hefty outlay every couple of weeks. So - what I really wanted was to be able to get a gel manicure whenever I chose to, with no notice and for it to cost me much less. Ping! (Fairy Godmother moment) – now I can! 

The SensatioNail starter kit contains everything needed for 10 full manicures – working out at £6 each! By replenishing the basics and buying new colours, this means future manicures and pedicures will cost about £1.50. No appointments, no waiting, whenever you want dazzling, damage proof nails, get out your kit, get comfy and go for it. 

So – extra time and money, whilst having beautiful nails.  Seriously - who wouldn’t want that?!