What is Express Gel?

So, you absolutely love your gel polish manicure but you sometimes struggle for time?  The multi step process is not always convenient no matter how much you love it.

Or maybe you always wanted to try gel nails, but the steps or cost put you off?

Introducing new Express Gel from SensatioNail - the one step gel polish you can do at home in 5 minutes!

Express Gel

Express Gel is a brand new gel nail polish formula which includes gel base coat and top coat. Simply apply two layers, curing each one, and voila, a perfect at home gel mani - in record time!

Plus there’s no sticky layer to cleanse off after curing. All you need is your Express Gel colour and LED nail lamp.

Express Gel is a true gel manicure which means that it requires curing with an LED lamp. This makes an Express Gel mani super strong and long lasting. The curing process dries the gel polish in 60 seconds.

Once cured, your gel manicure will last for up to 10 days. Over a week longer than normal nail polish.

What makes Express Gel better then normal nail polish?

  • Express Gel is an all in one formula
  • No dry time
  • Chip free nails
  • No dulling
  • No fading
  • Long lasting - up to 10 days
  • High shine

Express Gel works with all LED nail lamps - even the SensatioNail nail travel lamp, making it perfect for holidays, handbags and quick fixes on the go.

If you already have a SensatioNail LED lamp, you can simply buy Express Gel colours and use with your current lamp.

express gel kit

Cure time for Express Gel is 30 seconds per layer. If you have an older SensatioNail lamp - purchased before September 2016, you may need to extend the cure time to 60 seconds.

Darker colours may take slightly longer to cure so extend cure time to between 60 and 90 seconds.

Express Gel Starter Kits include the LED lamp.

Choose from 24 gorgeous Express Gel shades here.