valentines gel polish ideas

Valentines Day Nail Ideas

Ooh Valentines day. Romance, secret admirers and best of all - another chance to change your nails!

We’ve put together our selection of the best gel nail colours and nail art ideas for Valentine’s Day. 

Reds and pinks are an obvious choice for Valentine’s Day. They are classic colours associated with love and passion and you simply can’t go wrong with a romantic nail colour. Just decide whether you want to be all sweetness and light or a vampy seductress for your Valentine.


love struck valentines day nail polish

Love struck

This beautiful bright pinky/red was made for romance. A fun alternative to more serious red, still looks great with black but if you want to make a real fashion statement, clash it with a red outfit.

Spoiled diva

You don’t have to be a diva to wear this but you might as well give it a go. A light red perfect for a Valentine’s date - day or night. Pair with casual daytime jeans and winter sweater or a dress or jumpsuit for the evening.

spoiled diva nail polish
pink champagne nail polish valentines day

Pink champagne

The perfect nails to sip champagne with. This pearlescent pale pink is one of our most popular pinks and it will see you right through to the summer.

Love bite

This shimmery warm pink will make them fall in love with you (or your nails at least). Plus, it’s perfect for the transition from those dark wintery colours into spring brights.

love bite pink gel nail varnish
classic red for valentines day

Scarlet red

We couldn’t miss this classic red off the list. The ultimate red, Scarlet red gel nail polish is a go-to colour for any event. Scarlet red nails will make you feel as glam and beautiful as your nails. If you don’t own this shade already, grab one for your collection now.

Want to try something different for Valentines Day nails?

It doesn’t have to be pink or red. Try these colours for a different take on Valentines nails.

Mi Amor

A more delicate choice. This pinky/orange has a pretty shimmer which means your nails will be noticeable but not too loud. Wear this if your secret admirer is likely to spring a surprise date on you - this colour will work with any Valentines outfit, in any location.

mi amor gel nail varnish 
steel a kiss nail polish

Steel a kiss

For something a bit less obvious and more on-trend for 2015, try Steel a Kiss. What secret admirer wouldn’t want to ‘steel’ a kiss with these nails? This gorgeous metallic blue gel is a limited edition colour so grab one while you can.

Smoky night

huge hit, Smoky Night is the perfect deep grey. A good alternative to black, this deep grey gel polish makes a strong statement with a sophisticated twist. Great with black, white and everything in-between. Another limited edition colour and definitely one to add to your collection if you don’t have one already. You’ll be surprised how much you wear this.

smoky night dark grey gel polish
french manicure gel nail kit

Not sure what nail colour to have for Valentines Day?

If you really can’t decide or don’t know what you’ll be wearing, go for a classic French Manicure. Irresistible, understated perfection. Available as Starter Kits and French Manicure essential kits.

Why not give romantic heart nail art a try?

We've put a handy step-by-step blog post together. Click here and don't forget to share your pics!