Valentine's Day Nails

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone but we’ll take any excuse for a fresh mani!

Whether you want to go for a romantic vibe, a bold statement or just try something new, treat no.1 (that’s you!) to gorgeous Valentine’s Day nails. You deserve it.

Roses are Red

There are the classic reds and there are the new reds! Whichever your favourite, they all scream siren, strength and sex appeal.

We have to start with Scarlet Red. If Marilyn Monroe wore SensatioNail, this would be her fave. It just oozes va-va-voom.

Out of the Red: This new Express Gel shade is red perfection. As close to letterbox red nail polish as you’ll find and because it’s an Express Gel shade, no base or top coat required. Just brush on, cure and go (for cocktails)!

Make my Heart Beet: Another new Express shade, we had to give this one a shout out because it’s such a fantastic winter red. With hints of chestnut brown, this shade looks perfect cosied up next to a roaring fire.

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Scarlet RedExpress gelExpress gel 2

Love is in the air

Pinks are always a winner and the perfect colour if you don’t want to go too bold. Try something pale and demure or turn up the heat with a bold or dark pink.

Barely there. Palest pink nails always look gorgeous and work for every occasion. This shade is transparent and can be used alone or as a French Manicure base.
FInd out how to perfect your at home french manicure here.

A Dozen Rosas We might not all get a dozen roses in the post on Valentine’s Day but who needs them when you can wear A Dozen Rosas all year? This simple creamy shade of pink has a gloss finish and suits all skin tones.

I Pink I Love You: You’ll be repeating those words to your own nails when you see how cute this shade is. This salmon pink gloss is truly girly and deserves to be on your toes as well as your nails.

Raspberry Wine: One of our best selling shades of all time, Raspberry Wine has it all; a shimmer finish, stunning warm pink colour with a purple-y hue and a name that makes us want to eat and drink.

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Shine bright like a diamond

Some people get diamonds on Valentine’s Day, others can look in awe at their sparkly nails.

Silver Seduction: Seduce that special person in your life with stunning sparkly nails. The polish itself has a subtle gold shimmer and hundreds of silver glitter particles catch the light to create the most amazing effect.

Gilded Glamour: New to the SensatioNail Glitter range, Gilded Glamour is sooooooo gorgeous. This clear polish contains hundreds of rose gold and micro gold glitter particles. The more you layer this shade up, the stronger and more dazzling the colour gets!

Golden Opportunity: For added oomph, this gold shimmer polish contains blue glitter particles. With nails like this, you’ll want to take every opportunity to show them off.

Nail Glitters: Turn any of your favourite SensatioNail shades into a glitter gel polish by adding Nail Glitter Powder or even Glitter dots or stars. Glitter powders come in green, red, purple, blue, silver, gold and black and glitter dots and stars in pink, blue or silver. Just don’t get so carried away that you miss your Valentine’s date!

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GlitterGlitter 2Glitter 3Glitter 4

Who Runs the World?

Girls… obviously. Which means we can rock any colour we like on Valentine’s Day. We suggest you rebel and wear smoky greys and blacks - just to make sure they know who’s boss.

Smoky Night: For the night owls - Smoky Night is a sultry, sophisticated dark grey gloss. Wear with anything… or nothing.

Little Black Book: Brand new to the Express Gel Polish collection, this deep grey has just a hint of slate brown - giving it a touch more warmth than Smoky Night.

I’m The Black Sheep: Darkest Ebony gloss. This is the sleekest black gel polish we’ve ever seen.

Midnight Rendezvous: Our best selling black. This patent black gloss is exquisite and should be on ever gel lover’s shelf.

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Need a quickie? Use SensatioNail Peel off Polish for a short term colour fix.

Peel of Polish comes in 9 stunning shades from gold through to pink.

Or try Peel off Nail Shields for easy removal of any SensatioNail shades.