Using SensatioNail Gel Polish with Express Gel

If you are a SensatioNail fan, Express Gel colours are the perfect addition to your gel polish collection. With 24 brand new colours to choose from at just £10 each, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

SensatioNail Express Gel can be combined with your current SensatioNail collection to extend the life of your Express Gel manicure.

Combine Express Gel with your SensatioNail Gel Nail Primer for a longer lasting, stronger gel mani. Simply apply a layer of SensatioNail Gel Primer before your Express Gel colour and cure for 30 seconds.

gel nail primer

You can also follow your normal SensatioNail application technique with Gel Nail Base Coat and simply apply your SensatioNail Express on top. There is no need for Top coat as Express Gel is high shine and fully dried once cured.

Some Express Gel fans add a layer of SensatioNail Gel Nail Top Coat to achieve a plumper gel nail look. If you do use top coat, you will need to cure and cleanse the sticky top layer off your nails with Gel Nail Cleanser.

We recommend applying two layers of Express Gel for true coverage but as with SensatioNail gel polish, three coats of Express Gel will give you an even stronger coverage and colour.

one step gel manicure kit

SensatioNail Express consistency is slightly thicker than SensatioNail standard polish.  However you will find you need to apply less as it is more free flowing.  

Top tip: Don’t load too much Express Gel colour onto the brush or you might flood your cuticles.

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