Three Hot Summer Nail Trends For 2019

Summer holiday - booked. Summer wardrobe - sorted. But wait, haven’t you forgotten something?

Striking nails are the perfect finishing touch to your seasonal style. So to help you make a splash poolside, or rock your festival look, here are three of our favourite nail trends for summer 2019.


Green pineapple

Image: Pineapple Supply Co.

Seafoam green is a muted mint tone that’s super hot right now. Alicia keys looked stunning at this year’s Met Gala in a sparkly seafoam hooded gown, reigniting our love for this calming colour. It goes beautifully with dusky pink, teal and caramel accessories.

If you want to conjure up Alicia’s sparkling look, try Jade Treasure gel nail polish or, if you prefer shine without the shimmer, try Mostly Mint.


Messy Manicure

Image: Gabriel Ecraela

You heard it right, people are deliberately messing up their manicures. It’s kind of weird, but hey, we’re keeping an open mind. After all, the unsteady-handed among us have been rocking the messy manicure for years! To get the look, apply your base coat (try
Taupe Tulips) thinly and unevenly, followed by a clear top coat. Read all about the trend in Harper’s Bazaar.


Metallic nails
Image: Shutterstock

Metallic nails are our favourite festival fashion trend for 2019. No matter how muddy you get, your metallic nails will keep your inner rock chick shining through. We recommend Steel a Kiss - a sultry blue to help you stay looking cool on those hot summer nights. Or for something a bit more neutral - go for Gold Rush, a brand new addition to our collection.

Header image: Vicko Mozara