Summer Holiday Nails

The summer holiday countdown begins! Before setting off, you’ve bought a gazillion bikinis, topped up the fake tan and researched all the best cocktail bars for those sunny evenings ahead. Now it’s time for the most important decision - nail colour. Do you have matching fingers and toes to go with every outfit?

Do you go for something fun and colourful, that you wouldn’t usually wear to work? Or do you use our new Strip Gel Peel Off Base Coat and take your travel lamp so you can change up your nails on holiday without taking a bottle of acetone with you.

Before revealing our favourite summer nail art designs, here are some top tips for looking after your gel nails in the sun:

  1. Many sun creams, insect repellents and after-sun creams contain a product called deet, which causes some gel polish shades to fade (it mostly affects pinks and oranges) Try to avoid these products or make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after application 
  2. Pools and spas tend to have chemicals in them, such as chlorine. These chemicals can affect the colour on your nails, so we recommend washing hands and feet thoroughly after leaving the water. 
  3. As nice as it is to sit in the sun, you can’t do it whilst applying gel polish. If you try to apply SensatioNail outside or in direct sunlight (for example next to a window) the UV rays from the sun can cause your gel polish to set on the brush & in the bottle

Feeling Fruity

How fun is this kiwi manicure? The perfect design to get you in the mood for summer.


  1. Prepare your nails with our Gel Base & Top Coat. Or for easy peel off removal, try our Strip Gel Peel Off Base Coat. 
  2. Apply a layer of Macha Madness and cure. 
  3. Then paint the top half of your nail in the aptly named Kiwi Squeeze and cure. 
  4. Using our Slanted Nail Art Brush, paint a curved line of Island Hopper between the other two colours and cure.
  5. Finally, use the Marbling and Dotting Nail Tool or Striper Nail Art Brush to add little dots of Camo Sutra to the centre of the nail, before curing and applying a top coat. Give the nails a final cure and you’re good to go.

Rainbow Toes

Nothing quite says summer like multicoloured nails!


Firstly prep the nails with a base coat before applying two coats of Scarlet Red to your first toe nails. Then  comes the rinabow, we've tried Kiwi Squeeze, Beat The Heat, Sun Kissed and Somethign Blue. Cure the nails and finish this fabulous look with a topcoat and final cure.

Pretty Pastels

This sugar sweet manicure looks great with nautical blue and white striped dresses and tops. Plus, how gorgeous is this Lovely Lychee pastel shade?


  1. After initial nail prep, apply two coats of the polish and Cure.
  2. Add another pastel shaed on one or to fingers of each hand and cure.
  3. Apply a final layer of No Wipe Gel Top Coat and cure.

Pink on Pink

The age old debate - is it okay to match the colour of your fingers and your toes?


Well, if fashion icon Kim Kardashian West can do it with her matching neon yellow nails when on holiday earlier this year, it works for us too! This Pink Hibis-kiss is bright, bold and the ultimate girly pink.

Travel Essential

Want to make sure you are covered for any repairs/colour changes whilst away? Our bargain Fuse kits ( Now just £9.99) include the cutest one-finger lamp with a USB lead - perfect for travelling


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