Spooktacular Halloween Nails

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble. With halloween just around the corner, you’re probably stocking up on tricks and treats, carving your pumpkin and thinking about those skeletons in your cupboard. But most importantly, it’s time to decide what festive outfit will you wear. Whether you’re going all out ghoulish this year or just want a touch of the festive, we’ve put together some spooktacular halloween nail ideas for you all.

Black Cat Nail Art

Step 1
After preparing your nails, by pushing the cuticles back and shaping and buffing the nails, it’s time to apply a layer of gel base & top coat or for speedy removal afterwards, use our new StripGel peel off base coat and cure. Then apply two layers of Babydoll Pink or similar pink/nude colour, curing between layers.


Step 2:
Time to get started on the rather cute black cat design. Using the striper nail art brush and Midnight Rendezvous gel polish, paint the outline of the cat’s ears and head on the side of each nail before filling it in with block colour. Do one hand at a time (to avoid smudging), curing between sides.


Step 3

The magical finishing touch - the cat’s eyes! Take a manicure stick and add two dots of White Lily on each cat’s face. Cure. Using the stick again, draw tiny pupils on each of the white dots using the black polish and cure.


Step 4:
Finally, apply a layer of gel base & top coat or No Wipe Too Coat and cure. Now get out to that halloween party, and don’t be a scaredy cat!


Spine Chiiling Nail Shapes

The Stiletto 

Like the heel, stiletto nails are very long, pointed and fierce looking. Perfect for short fingers, they are a statement shape that draw the eye to a sharp tip. They are quite high-maintenance and most often require a false nail to get the look, but are marvellous with eerie halloween nail art and glitter polishes.


The Coffin (Ballerina)

If there’s one time to give the coffin (also called the Ballerina) nail shape a try, it’s halloween! Long and tapered with a square tip, this style has been championed by the likes of Rihanna. It requires very strong and long natural nails or fake ones.

SensatioNail - Coffin shaped nails

To find out which nail shape is best for you, read our recent blog post.

Scary Shades

Blood Red

Red as red can be, the Scarlet Red gel polish is perfect for adding a few drops of blood to the tips of your nails.


Pumpkin Orange

If you’re looking to paint pumpkins on your nails or have a simple yet festive mani, Sun Kissed is the colour for you.


Midnight Black

Dark as the cloak of the Grim Reaper, Midnight Rendezvous is great for bat or cobweb nail art.


Magic Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall. Our chrome gel manicure powders create the most incredible high-shine finish.


Share Your Creepy Creations

If you give our Black Cat nail art a try or use any of our halloween gel polishes, we’d love to see how you get on. Share all your creepy creations with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram making sure to tag SensatioNail. And remember, eat, drink and be scary!

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