SensatioNail Wish Lists

You can now add all your SensatioNail favourites to your own personal wish list. Use this as your own list to keep a track of what you want to get next, or email your complete wish list to that certain someone as a massive hint!

Wishlist icon

Wherever you see the Add to Wishlist icon (white love heart in a grey box) next to a product anywhere on our website, just click on this and it will add that product to your wish list. You’ll need a account to use the wish list features. If you already have an account just login with that account to use your wish list, if you don’t have an account you can create one, it only takes a couple of seconds and gives you lots of useful features when ordering from

When you view your wish list you’ll see everything you’ve added to it and most importantly, you can share your wish list via email :) 

Here's a step by step guide: 

1. Go to the SensatioNail website
2. Click on Login (haven't got an acount? why not create one)
3. Go to any product and click on the love heart icon
4. This will take you to your wishlist page
5. In the comments box add any custom instructions
6. Click Update Wishlist
7. Click share wishlist, add as many people you'd like to share your list with
8. Add a nice (or naughty) message and click share wishlist
9. Pour yourself a glass of something nice
10. Keep your fingers crossed

We hope your SensatioNail wishes come true!