Brand New! Rose Gold All Stars Gel Polish Kit

Introducing SensatioNail's newest (and seriously pretty!) Rose Gold Starter Kit 

At home gel nail pioneers, SensatioNail, are set to launch the brand-new Rose Gold All Stars Gel Polish Starter Kit (£79.99) into Boots this October, for the ultimate on-trend glamourous look.

Containing everything a nailista could possibly need for the perfect salon-quality mani and pedi in the comfort of their own home, providing up to two weeks of non-chip wear, no smudging and zero drying time.

SensatioNail Rose Gold Kit

The SensatioNail All Stars Gel Polish Starter Kit (£79.99, Boots) includes: 

  • limited-edition Rose Gold LED lamp with USB lead & mains adapter. 
  • 2 full size stunning shades:
  • Macchiato polish, a gorgeous, glossy nude 
  • SensatioNail’s best-selling Rose Gold Glitter
  • Full size base & top coat
  • Gel primer
  • Gel cleanser
  • Rose gold nail clippers 
  • Rose gold toe nail clippers
  • Rose Gold laser file
  • Manicure stick
  • Buffer & lint-free wipes 
SensatioNail Limited Edition Rose Gold Kit

For the perfect at-home gel shine, simply prepare nails by filing, buffing and cleansing and applying SensatioNail Gel Primer, before airdrying for a few seconds. Then, apply the Gel Base & Top Coat and cure for 15 seconds. Paint on your new favourite gel colour shade and cure for 30 seconds. Repeat this step for the second coat too, finally you can seal in colour with the Gel Base & Top Coat and cure for 15 seconds. Then it’s time to give your nails a quick wipe with the Gel Cleanser and get ready to say hello to beautiful rose gold nails.

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