Rihanna Inspired Nail Art

Rihanna is fearless when it comes to her fashion. If she’s not mastering the art of ‘multi-bagging’ (fashion’s most functional look of wearing multiple bags at the same time), she’s turning up to the Met Gala dressed as an actual pope with a pearl and jewel-encrusted robe. She is one busy lady!

Whilst recently launching her ‘Moroccan Spice’ palette and eye make-up collection with a series of pop-up ‘Spice Markets’ around the UK, she also revealed on The Graham Norton Show that she’s currently in the studio working on the follow-up to her latest album ANTI.

The pop star extraordinaire also rocks her nail art. The latest trend to hit the headlines is ‘coffin nails’, which is a look also loved by celebrities Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna. If you haven’t heard of coffin nails yet, it’s all about having long nails that are snipped off at the end to make them straight. With the curved cuticle at the bottom, the shape looks like a coffin.

SensatioNail - Coffin shaped nails

Dubbed the ‘Stiletto’ nail, Rihanna is best known for a super long and pointy nail shape. Not one to wear if you’re cleaning the house, the Stiletto can require an acrylic or hard gel enhancement but you you can do stiletto nails with natural nails too, we get quite a few fan pics on our Instagram page using SensatioNail because gel polish makes the fragile tip less likely to break.


Posting the look on her Instagram, she often completes the look with a gorgeous deep red colour (such as Royal Ruby or Red Red Wine) or lots and lots of nail art gems.

Fans are currently going crazy over Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty products by matching their nails to the packaging e.g. using a gold sparkly polish (such as Gold Glitter) to go with her Trophy Wife highlighter. Rihanna has herself jumped on board with the trend, painting her nails chrome to match the Fenty Beauty Galaxy bag.

Slovakian nail artist Iveta Melicharova has taken the Rihanna nail love a step further by creating a fake nail featuring a miniature painting of the singer dressed in red sunglasses and lipstick. She designed the nails with a razor-sharp tip, which is perfectly fitting for our RiRi!

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