Red Nail Trends

Red nails are hot right now and with over 15 reds in gloss, shimmer, glitter and chrome in the SensatioNail collection, we’ve got something to suit every type of diva.

Red gel nail ideas

Black to red ombre nails

Ombre nails look amazing and the look is surprisingly easy to achieve.

How to do ombre nails:

  1. Drop one dot of black gel polish and one dot of red gel polish slightly apart on a piece of foil.
  2. Apply each colour to opposite sides of the fan brush then blend.
  3. Paint onto the nail and cure.

Perfect colours for this look: Royal Ruby red gel nail polish, Red Your Profile Express Gel polish, Midnight Rendzvous black gel nail polish.

red ombre nails

Image credit: Rose Vandermersch

Red glitter nails

3 simple ways to get gorgeous red glitter nails

  1. Apply Red Nail Glitter on top of two coats of red.
  2. Apply a layer of Tickle Me Tinsel to two coats of red gel polish for opalescent glitter pieces

Perfect colours for this look: Candy Cane CrushMerlot Magic, Red Red Wine, Scarlet Red gel nail polishTickle Me Tinsel

red glitter nails

Orange red

Orange-reds are some of the hottest colours this year.

Get the perfect orange-red by mixing Sun Kissed orange gel polish with a drop of Scarlet Red gel nail polish on a piece of foil.

Top the look off with two coats of Gel Top Coat for high shine.

Read more about how to mix SensatioNail gel polish here

orange red nails

Image credit: L'Angolo degli Smalti

Red nail art

Red is the perfect complimentary colour for most nail art styles.

If you read our blog posts regularly, you will know that we love geometric and line nail art but this season we’ve fallen in love with gold dots a-la Jeremy Scott!

Get this look:

  1. Paint nails with two coats of Scarlet Red gel nail polish - curing both layers.
  2. Apply a small circular dot of Gold Chrome Nail Powder to the nail using the Marbling and Dotting Tool.
  3. Apply a layer of Gel Top Coat over the whole nail and cure for 15 seconds.
  4. Give nails a final wipe with a lint free wipe.

Perfect colours for this look: Scarlet Red gel nail polish

Jeremy Scott Nails

Red metallic Nails

If you haven’t tried our Chrome Nail Powders yet then you are in for a treat.

Use the Rose Chrome Powder to get the most amazing red metallic nails which will last for up to two weeks.

Our Chrome Nail Powders work with Original SensatioNail and SensatioNail Express Gel.

To use with Original SensatioNail:

  1. Prepare nails and apply your base coat and colour coats as usual - see our how to do gel nails guide
  2. After curing the last coat of colour for 30 seconds use a dry lint free wipe over nails to remove the moisture layer (If you are using Express, you can skip this step and go straight to powder)
  3. Apply a small amount of your chrome powder to the nail and buff it in with the applicator. Top tip: For a slightly sparkly look, leave, for a smoother chrome look, rub in with your finger tip
  4. Followed with our gel top coat and cure under your lamp for 15 seconds - Makjng sure you wipe any chrome particles off your top coat brush before you put it back in the bottle.
  5. Wipe with cleanser and you’re good to go – chip free, high-shine chrome gel nails for 14 days.

Chrome Polish

How to pick the perfect red

Reds look different against different skin tones and they can even make your nails seem longer or shorter so it’s worth experimenting with a few different shades to find your red soul mate.

Pale to light skin
Try Spoiled Diva, Scarlet Red or Red Your Profile Express Gel. Our new Rose Chrome Powder looks stunning against pale skin too.

Rose-based skin tone
Reds with a brown or purple tone can clash against rose-based skin. So stick to bold true-reds like Spoiled Diva, Scarlet Red or Red Your Profile Express Gel. or go for a pinker red such as Love Struck or Guilty Pleasure.

Olive to brown skin
Warmer skin tones can pull off both rich and cool hues. Olive or tanned skin looks amazing next to hot reds like Scarlet Red, Guilty Pleasure and Spoiled Diva. For deeper colours, you can wear Royal Ruby, Merlot Magic or Red Red Wine, which has a lovely shimmer finish.

Brown to black skin
As with olive skin, dark skin tones look amazing with rich, deep red nails. Royal Ruby, Merlot Magic or Red Red Wine will all look amazing. Having said that, dark skin tones make a true-red pop amazingly so don’t shy away from a classic such as Scarlet Red or Red Your Profile Express Gel.

Our pick of the best red gel nail polishes

Scarlet Red

Royal Ruby

Spoiled Diva

Love Struck

Guilty Pleasure

Merlot Magic

Red Red Wine

Candy Cane Crush

Tickle Me Tinsel

Express Gel Reds

Red Your Profile

Chrome Nail Powder Reds

Rose Chrome Powder