Polish to Gel - How to Turn Your Regular Polish into Gel Polish
If you’ve recently become a convert from regular polish to gel nail polish, congratulations! You can now enjoy long-lasting, shiny gel nails without having to worry about chipping soon after application. But what do you do with all your beloved regular polishes? Well, we have a simple solution, with the Sensational Polish to Gel Kit.

The kit contains everything you need, to get gorgeous gel nails, including our gel-to-polish formula, an LED lamp, Primer, Cleanser, file and cuticle stick.

This kit will transform any regular polish to long-lasting gel nail polish in a jiffy, and nail guru Just Sam is here to show you two simple methods. Watch the full video here or follow our step by step guide below. 

Method 1

Step 1: Prepare your nails

Use the SensatioNail file to shape your nails, then gently buff them to remove any shine from the natural nail. 

Use the cuticle stick provided to gently push back your cuticles. Cleanse your nails using the Gel Cleanser.

Apply primer only on the tip and around the edges of your nail. Oily nails? Apply primer as you would nail polish, across the full nail. Leave this to air dry for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Apply

Apply two coats of your regular polish, allowing to dry between coats. Once both coats are dry, coat your nails all over with the gel-to-polish formula in your kit.

Make sure you ‘cap’ your nails, i.e. seal the very tips of the nail.

Step 3: Cure and finish

Cure fully under the LED lamp. Once dry, use gel cleanser wipes for a perfectly neat finish. 

Method 2

Step 1: Prepare your nails

See step one above for instructions on how to prep your nails before application. 

Before you start, put a towel down to ensure your surfaces don’t get damaged. 

Step 2: Mix

Pour your regular polish into the mixing pot included in your kit. If you like, you can blend shades together to get your desired colour.

Add the polish-to-gel formula included in your kit, in equal amounts to the regular polish.

To avoid spillage, we suggest you add the colour and gel-to-polish formula using the brush as a dropper. However, if the brush makes contact with the mixture, cleanse it before putting it back into the bottle.

Mix the contents of the pot, cleansing the mixing brush with acetone after use. 

Step 3: Apply

Apply an even layer of the picture to all your nails and cure under the LED lamp. Then apply a second layer and cure again.

Step 4: Finish

Once all your nails are coated with two layers and cured, use your polish-to-gel formula as a top coat and half-cure under the LED lamp. Then use gel cleanser to finish.