Pick your favourite cocktail and we’ll choose the best gel nails for you

Five of the best nail looks inspired by classic cocktails.

The clocks have changed, and now we’ve got over the shock of losing an hour’s sleep, our thoughts have turned to barbecues, festivals and cocktails in the sunshine. And with cocktails in mind, what better way to sip your cosmo, bellini or virgin mojito than with a killer set of gel nails? So choose your favourite summer tipple and we’ll choose you the best gel nails to go with it.


This sweet-and-sour caribbean classic not only tastes great, but the combination of rum (or lime juice for an alcohol-free alternative), orange juice and grenadine makes for an awesome two-tone effect that looks just like a tropical sunset. And you can match your nails perfectly with our gorgeous Tropical Punch gel nail polish. The multi-tonal coral/orange effect is finished off with a pink shimmer. And you’ll stay chip-free for two weeks.

Rum Punch

Image: Ami Brauer


This simple but fabulous cocktail combines prosecco and peach juice for a golden, sparkling taste sensation. To get the look, try Gold Glitter, either on its own, or as a top coat over one of our gorgeous yellow shades like Dizzy Daisy. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try some gold leaf nail art. We just LOVE this creation, sent in by @ur.miracle. Here she combines our Luscious Lemon gel nail polish with gold foil for added fizz.

Gold nail art


The Cosmopolitan cocktail is the go-to tipple for a glamourous city break. Vodka (or lime juice as an alternative), cranberry and orange makes for a sweet cocktail with a citrusy edge. And to live the fast life, you want a bold, glossy colour that’s quick to apply but has a long-lasting finish. We recommend Lantana Cabana. This hot, red-toned coral gel nail polish has a revolutionary, all-in-one formula that’s dry in five minutes. And with no topcoat or basecoat needed, you can get on with your evening in no time.

Image: Jenny Pace


This Cuban classic is all glamour with no hangover. Timeless, simple and elegant, it combines mint, lime juice, sugar syrup and soda water. To match your nails, try a base coat of our minty Matcha Madness, with a top coat of Glitter Glade, which combines green, blue and yellow glitter for a look that’s as fresh as the sea air. 


Image: Pexels.com


Dark and spicy, this rich cocktail includes tomato juice, tabasco and vodka if desired. This old-school classic calls for sultry nails, and we recommend Scarlet Red. To add an extra vampish touch, you could even add some black lace nail art.

Image: Daniel Horvath

Header Image: Alex Andreest.