pedicureblogRecently my toes have been so grateful for SensatioNail! 

I love a pretty pedicure in the summer but sometimes wonder if it’s worth it – by the time the sun comes out, my nails have probably chipped.

Also if I had booked a pedicure in advance I would often end up walking out of the salon wearing flip-flops in the rain – not a great look...

With SensatioNail though all that has changed!

I can do my own salon quality pedicure whenever it suits me – and if I need to put on woolly socks & boots, or go to bed straight after - I can.  No waiting, no smudging, no hassle.

Now when the sun shines I can slip into my peep-toes in full confidence - my toenails are super shiny & chip free for weeks.

Even better – I am saving money versus the salon so can treat myself to those new strappy heels…!