Peelable Nail Polish

We are excited to introduce another fab product from SensatioNail - Peel-off nail polish has arrived!

SensatioNail have combined water-based colour, high gloss and peel-off removal technology to create the ultimate peelable nail polish.

peel-off polish

SensatioNail peel-off nail polish is ultra fast, ultra shiny and best of all, it’s ultra gentle.

The beauty of peelable nail polish is it’s simplicity:

  • No base coat required
  • No top coat required
  • No LED lamp
  • No nail polish remover
  • No nail damage

Just think; no smelly nail polish remover, no waiting for remover to soak in, no worry about chemicals or nail damage. As soon as you want to remove or change your nail colour, you can simply peel the polish off and start again!

Peelable nail polish

Does peelable nail polish really peel off?

Yes! Peelable nail polish will peel off in one go.

How to apply peel-off nail polish

  1. Prepare the nail by filing and shaping as desired
  2. Thoroughly cleanse nails. We recommend using an alcohol-based nail cleanser to make sure any oils or residue are removed
  3. Apply a thin layer of SensatioNail Peel-off Nail Polish
  4. Apply a second layer if desired (but not necessary)
  5. Allow to dry completely

How to remove peel-off nail polish

  1. Simply peel to remove.

If you have long nails, you can lift the edge of the polish at the side of your nail. Alternatively, use a manicure stick (available in our nail essentials kit) to ease the polish off at the edge. Then gently peel the polish off. It will come off in one go.

No nail damage

Because SensatioNail peelable polish is so gentle, there is no harm to the nail with application or removal.

New peelable nail polish collection

Peel off Polish colours

There are currently 10 shades of peel off nail polish in the SensatioNail Peel-off collection. From pretty pinks and mauves, to dark reds, black, silver and gold.

SensatioNail peel-off nail polish even comes in sparkle shades. Shop the peel-off nail polish shades here.