nonailchipsblogWe know how important it is to look your best, but the lifestyle of a busy woman can be unforgiving when it comes to your nails. Driving, typing, shopping, gardening or just the normal day to day routine – it’s all too easy to wear away that gorgeous finish. And who hasn’t chipped their nail polish at a crucial moment? The night before the interview for your dream job, the day before your big night out? You can guarantee that it’ll happen at the worst possible time.

But help is at hand! SensatioNail’s chip free nail polish keeps your nails looking incredible for up to two weeks!

Our gel polish is completely different from ordinary nail polish – it doesn’t fade, peel or lift quickly. You don’t even have to worry about making sure your nails are protected as they dry because the Pro 3060 LED nail lamp cures your nails in superfast time. It locks in the colour and leaves you with stunning scratch resistant nails in a matter of seconds. Then you’re free to do whatever you want – you can decorate the house, play with the kids or go to work straight after doing your manicure and be sure that that high-gloss finish will last.

During the holiday season you can head off for two weeks of sun, sand and sea safe in the knowledge that your nails will remain beautifully damage free. If you want to change your look while you’re away, nothing could be easier than to pop one of our easy to use and portable kits into to your suitcase. With SensatioNail you can have a great looking manicure or pedicure wherever you are in the world.

Good chip free nail polish has always been hard to find outside of a salon but now you can pamper your nails to a professional standard at a time and a place that suits you. No longer do you have to plan your days around an appointment or pay salon prices – if you use our Starter Kit for a year, it works out at just 23% of the price you’d pay at a salon!

For an affordable, damage free manicure or pedicure that’s stands up to the rigors for everyday life, SensatioNail is a must.