New SensatioNail Manicure Set

Introducing the New SensatioNail Manicure Set

Nail health and preparation is key to prolonging the life of your gel manicure. Our new manicure and pedicure set will help you keep your nails in the best shape.

The new electric Manicure & Pedicure Set can be used at home or for professional use and includes 12 tools for shaping, filing and buffing nails:

  • 3 shaping discs for fingernails
  • 3 larger shaping discs for toenails
  • 3 filing cones
  • Cuticle lifter
  • Nail brush
  • Nail polisher
  • Power adapter
  • Dual speed hand-held unit
  • Storage case
  • Integrated touch-activated nail dryer touch activated

mancure set foot

The manicure pedicure set is super-versatile and can be used as an electric nail file, electric nail buffer, hard skin remover and nail polish dryer!

The hand-held manicure tool can be charged and used multiple times without the power lead, making it the perfect handbag and travel companion.

Read more about how to use the manicure set and understand each tool in more detail in our How to use the Manicure Set blog post.

electric mani pedi set

Filing nails

The manicure set includes different tools for filing nails;

Flat disc heads: These can be used on both fingers and toes for filing and shaping nails. Select the appropriate size and pressure for the nail you are working on.

Thick and thin filing cones: Filing cones are standard with most electric nail files and our kit contains three different sizes, allowing you to achieve the perfect nail shape.

Removing rough skin and calluses

Use the Sapphire cone to remove rough skin. Apply a little more gentle pressure to remove calluses on the feet. Be sure not to apply too much pressure and check that the skin is not red as you buff.

Polishing and Buffing Nails

The Manicure Set includes a buffing circle tool which you can use on finger nails and toe nails to create a high-shine.

Cuticle Lifter and Nail Brush

Perfect your nails by gently tidying the cuticles with the cuticle lifter tool. Use the Nail brush to dust away any nail dust after use.

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