Nailing The Festival Season

The sun is shining, people are flocking to the parks after work, and festival season is almost upon us. Whether you’re attending Latitude, Bestival or hosting a mini-festival with friends in your own back garden, we have the perfect manicure ideas for you to nail the summer season.


sensationail-nailing-the-festival-season-silver-glitter-blog-postIt goes without saying - every festival outfit needs a touch of sparkle. With its two weeks of chip-free wear, SensatioNail Disco Fever is a gorgeous granite grey with loads of shimmery glitter mixed with a Silver Glitter FX for added sparkle which you can mix in with your polish for a subtle hint or full on glitter effect.

  1. Apply two coats of the gel and cure between layers.
  2. Add your extra sparkle with the glitter FX (squeeze once for a hint of glimmer or puff away to cover one entire nail for a fun accent)
  3. Finish with a No Wipe Top Coat .
  4. Cure and then hit the dance floor.

SensatioNail-nailing-the-festival-season-pom-pom-nailsCheck out @anothernailinthecoffin’s pom pom manicure, although the lovely Jen Mccoll did tell us they were created by her for a photo shoot and were festival inspiration and not supposed to be practical! We say, who cares, they look amazing and we reckon a music festival is the perfect opportunity to go a bit wild.

1. Get the look by painting two layers of a different bright nail polish on each nail, curing between layers.
2. Use the Marbling and Dotting Tool or Striper Nail Art Brush to add the multicoloured spots and cure.
3. Add a layer of No Wipe Top Coat and cure. Finish by adding mini pom poms with a nail glue for up to 7 days wear.

SensatioNail -Nailing the festival season - rainbow nailsMusic festivals are all about the love. This bright fun manicure looks amazing and is really quite simple, yes really!

1. Paint your nails in two layers of a bright pink/blue (or whatever you fancy) colour, curing between layers.
2. Then use the Striper Nail Art brush or Nail Art Tape to apply the rainbow stripes (apply tape to achieve straight or angled lines, add polish, cure then repeat for other colours (yellow, green and blue) to two nails on both hands and cure.
3. Finish with a layer of No Wipe Top Coat and cure. You are now ready to “wave ‘em like you just don’t care”.

SensatioNail - nailing the festival season - black and gold nailsWe love this manicure look which could be created using our Midnight Rendezvous Black Gloss and Gold Glitter FX.

1. Add two layers of the black polish, curing between rounds. 
2. Apply Gold Glitter on top of your final colour coat before curing for 60 seconds (squeeze once for a hint of glimmer or puff away to cover one entire nail for a fun accent).
3. Finish with a layer of No Wipe or top and base coat and cure.

Don't forget that for every original gel colour, treatment or base/top coat you purchase from our site, you get a free accessory and these include various nail art tools.

SensatioNail-nailing-the-festival-season-peel-off-polishOur Peel Off Nail Polish range is perfect to take to a festival if you want to change up your nails every day, without the faff of gel polish removal. The polish glides onto buffed nails in one stroke, dries in minutes, doesn’t damage nails, and best of all you simply peel the polish off from the cuticle end when you are ready for a change of colour.


SensatioNail-nailing-the-festival-season-festival-toesOK – so you might end up in wellies all festival – but just in case the weather is flip flop friendly (you never know), you need to be pedicure prepared. Whilst our gel nail polish lasts on fingernails for up to two weeks, it can last on toes for six to eight weeks.

  1. Remove any existing nail polish.
  2. Next, soak your feet in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes
  3. Pat dry your feet with a clean towel and cut/shape your nails in the shape you desire.
  4. Next file nails with a nail file and buff with a nail buffer.
  5. Push back cuticles with an orange or cuticle stick.
  6. Exfoliate dead skin from your heels with a pumice stone, then wash feet again and pat dry.
  7. Gently massage your feet with a foot scrub, then rinse and dry.
  8. Now apply your polish and cure.
  9. AFTER your pedicure, gently massage feet with a moisturising lotion or cream (you can’t do this before unless you make sure you remove any cream from the nails and cleanse or the polish won't stick).
  10. Top tip: Use the SensatioNail Pro Manicure and Pedicure Kit to remove dead skin, shape nails and keep cuticles in good condition.

If you have any other festival manicure ideas, we’d love to see them. Just share a photo on your social media account, making sure to tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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