Nail Shapes

The Best Nail Shapes for You

Nail shape fashions seem to change every week dependent on what is trending on Instagram. Long gone are the days when a nail technician would ask “round or square” when you sit down for a manicure. From the coffin to the squoval, the oval to the almond.

Believe it or not, there is actually a logic to the never ending list of nail shapes and style. There will be some that suit your hand shape and others that won’t. To help you work out the best approach for you, we’ve been speaking with our wonderful SensatioNail manicurist for some top nail shapes tips.

But first, we advise that you never file your nails in a quick back and forth motion. This will leave the edges of your nail frayed, and give you less control when trying to achieve your shape of choice. The best technique is to go from the side of your nail to the centre in one direction, lifting the file away from the nail between strokes.

Round Nails

Probably the most popular of nail shapes, the round nail is short, tidy, elegant and looks lovely with any nail colour. Best for those with narrow nail beds and shorter nails, it is one of the easiest shapes to recreate at home and the most durable of styles. To get the look, file your nail into a perfect semi-circle with an almost flat tip.

SensatioNail Nail Shapes - Round Nails

Square Nails

The square nail is perfect for slim hands, making the fingers appear shorter and adding width. With its flat tip and square edges, it is a good style for those of you with long nail beds. It’s blunt, super low maintenance and the most practical of styles to work with. It also looks great with bold, block polish colours.

SensatioNail Nail Shapes - Square Nails

Oval Nails

If you have small hands and stubby nail beds, the oval shape elongates your hands and gives them that feminine, classy look. It is similar to the round style, but with no flat edge at the top. The oval is brilliant for those of you who love nail art.

SensatioNail Nail Shapes - Oval Nails


Best for short and wide fingers, the almond nail shape lengthens hands and nails in a way that still looks natural. Wider at the base with slim sides, the almond ends with a rounded tip. It’s a gorgeously glamorous, chic look and works well with a plain or metallic polish.

SensatioNail Nail Shapes - Almond Nails


As the name suggests, this is the square oval style which is good for most hand shapes. With its square tip and slightly rounded edges to mirror the outline of your cuticles, this is a low maintenance and natural look which is good with neutral colours.

SensatioNail Nail Shapes - Squoval Nails


Sometimes known as the more savory ‘ballerina’ nail, the coffin is long and tapered like the stiletto shape, but with a square tip. Pioneered by the likes of Rihanna, the coffin requires very strong and long natural nails or fake ones. It lengthens short hands and works well with pale colours.

SensatioNail Nail Shapes - Ballerina Nails

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