I love nail polish – the way it makes me feel groomed, the different colours, how it can totally change an outfit.

What I don’t love is applying it.

  • I get polish on the cuticle and on the sides of my fingers and it dries before I can get it off
  • It starts drying before I have finished painting the whole nail so I get brush strokes
  • If I do finally get it right, I always manage to smudge it within a few minutes – aaaggghhh! 

Not anymore! 

With SensatioNail the polish doesn’t set until it goes under the lamp, so… 

  • I can go over it as many times as I like and it still self-levels, avoiding any bumps or brush strokes
  • I can easily clean up any polish on the cuticles and fingers before I cure my nails – just use the cleanser provided on a cotton bud to wipe away
  • Once my manicure is done, it is dry.  Completely.  Totally.  Immediately.  I can rummage in my bag, wash my hair, go straight to bed - whatever I want.  No chance of smudges, scratches or sheet marks. 

Best of all - when people ask where I got my nails done, I can say “this? – I did it myself” and smile :)

Find out more about what SensatioNail is all about here. It's easy to get started with the our gel nail starter kits here...