Nail Health  - Is Gel polish Bad For My Nails?

Does gel polish damage my nail beds? Can acetone thin my nails? Isn’t traditional nail lacquer much easier to remove? These are the types of questions we get asked all the time, by people who are still learning the nuances of gel polish removal.

SensatioNail have come up with a brand spanking new product - StripGel Peel Off Base Coat - which will put to rest any concerns you may have about gel manicure removal. It is an air-dry base that helps you remove SensatioNail Original gel polish from nails by simply peeling it off when ready (after a minimum of 48 hours after application), without damaging nails, whilst maintaining up to 2 weeks of gel manicure wear.

SensatioNail Manicurist - Sarah AndertonWe caught up with our lovely SensatioNail manicurist, Sarah (who you guys will know from Facebook), who gave us the low down on this seemingly ‘too good to be true’ product.

Is it true that gel manicures are bad for your nails?

No! However, incorrect removal can be. There is no doubt that due to the long-lasting properties of gel polish, it has been historically harder to remove than traditional nail polishes. This can lead to problems if it is not removed correctly. Some people pick or peel at the polish, which takes off the polish along with a layer of your nail plate, making them weaker. Others get a bit impatient waiting for acetone to work, and end up pushing too hard or even digging into the nail with a removal tool in an attempt to speed up the process. This leaves the nail beds tender and they can feel a bit bruised. I must admit, this new SensatioNail StripGel Peel Off Base Coat has completely revolutionised the gel removal process, speeding it up massively and really helping to avoid nail damage.

So, how does the StripGel Peel Off Base Coat actually work?

It is a base coat that has been specially formulated to use alongside Original SensatioNail polishes. You apply the product to the prepared nail and allow it to air dry for a few seconds. One of my top tips for avoiding any annoying smudges is to do your complete manicure on 4 fingers on one hand, then 4 fingers on the other and finally both thumbs. Once you’ve applied the base coat, apply two coats of a colour polish of your choice, curing between each with the SensatioNail LED lamp. Apply a top coat, cure, and then wipe with cleanser if you’re not using our No Wipe Top Coat.


Do you still need to buff and cleanse?

Absolutely! Correct preparation can make the biggest difference to your manicure. Start by shaping your nails, pushing back your cuticles with the manicure stick and gently buffing the surface of each nail to remove the shine and any white bits left after cuticle push-back. I’d then recommend washing your hands with washing up liquid as this removes not only the dust, but any excess oils present on the nails leaving the nails ready for application; avoid hand soap, as most contain moisturisers that can affect adhesion of the gel. Check out The Professional Manicure and Pedicure Set from SensatioNail, which includes everything you need to prepare, shape and care for your nails. Once your nails are prepped, make sure you avoid touching anything – this includes your hair, clothes, mobile phone, food, pets etc. You want to avoid getting any oils or debris back onto your nails, creating a barrier for the polish to stick to.

Should I use StripGel Peel Off Base Coat in a certain way depending on my nail type?

Yes – like many of our nail products, you are able to flex use to suit you. A bit like hair types that range from dry to oily, we have various nail types that react differently, so we have prepared the guide below to help:

stripgel peel off base coat-nail types

Will you still get 2 weeks of wear, when using the StripGel Peel Off Base Coat?

StripGel base should not change the wear time of your manicure, and it should last as long as usual, once you find the application that suits your nail type. The trick is to avoid peeling off your polish within the first 48 hours, as the StripGel is still adhering. It’s also important not to pick at your nails during the two weeks and keep your hands and cuticles well moisturised. We recommend using cuticle oil or hand cream that does not contain any lanolin, and ensuring any excess cream is removed from around and under your nails to avoid lifting. It is also worth mentioning that sun tan lotions will affect your manicures, and nails should be washed after application.

Is there a certain way to peel it off?

When you want to change your manicure, you should lift at the cuticle end or side with your fingernail or cuticle stick. I’d recommend peeling it off slowly, moving your fingernail back and forth to lift it. Do not peel from the nail tip end! If in doubt, have a watch of our tutorial online before you begin your manicure. Do not peel off within the first 48 hours as the product is still working and at its strongest adherence

How have people reacted to this new product?

The response so far has been really positive. I’ve been chatting with those whose nails I do on a regular basis, and they are so relieved to not sit through 20 minutes of acetone gel removal. There have been some great reviews on our SensatioNail website too. Charley says that it’s a “life changer”. Removal is the only reason she’s steered clear of gels for years, and she can’t believe how easy it was to remove her polish. Serena says “wow, just wow!!” - her polish lasted 10 days and it only took her 4 minutes to remove.

Finally, what are your favourite manicures for the summer?

Oh gosh, that’s hard! There are so many fabulous SensatioNail colours to choose from. Nudes have been popular lately, however with the summer months coming customers are liking a splash of colour – I Pink I Love You and Coral Sunset have gone down very well. I did a lovely ombre set today with some of our fab bright shades, topped with a glitter Over the Rainbow which is due back soon by popular demand.

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