Nail Health: How To Keep Your Nails Healthy In Winter

The winter months can often take their toll on our nails.  Thankfully, SensatioNail have a range of nourishing treatments that will battle the elements and keep your nails in tip top condition.

The change in temperature can cause nail beds to flake, cuticles to get straggly and hands to dry out. It is a commonly known fact that healthy nails are made up of about 18% water. If you’re constantly going into warm buildings and out into the cold air, the extremes are bound to have an drying effect. 

Eat well, drink well.....

It is also a fact that our nails grow stronger and longer if they receive the right nutrients from our diet. Healthy nails like a well balanced diet and especially the right levels of iron, protein, vitamin B, calcium and Linoleic acid - get those leafy greens and fruit down you ladies and gents!. Healthy nails also like us to drink plenty of water which helps them and you to remain hydrated. Did you know that the little half moon shape at the base of the nail (usually most prominet on the thumbs) is called the Lunula? and that the shape of the crescent dictates the natural shape of the nail edge.  Nails can also be quite indicative of health problems and so if you notice a change in your nails or something you are unsure about talk to your GP. The NHS also has some useful advice here for you regarding nail health.


Do you suffer with dull or tired looking nails? Have you been guilty of picking off your gel nail polish? If the answers are yes, it’s time for a nail care treatment. Our vegan and cruelty free Gel Rescue Nail Rejuvenator Treatment is perfect for revitalising brittle and weak nails. Infused with superfoods acai, bamboo and avocado, this is a gloss polish that will leave your nails feeling beautifully rejuvenated in just a week.

This nail care product has been especially designed as an ‘in between gel nail manicures’ treatment, but can be worn under any non gel polishes.


In between manicures, it’s good to keep your hands and cuticles well moisturised. We recommend using cuticle oil or hand cream that does not contain any lanolin, and ensuring any excess cream is removed from around and under your nails to avoid nail polish lifting.

Our Nailtural Natural Cuticle Nail Oil is made with almond oil and is up to 85% natural. After application, lay a hot towel over your hands for a few minutes to allow your cuticles to soothe and heal.


Remove Polish Correctly

We know, we know. We’ve said it a gazillion times! But it’s really important to remove gel polish correctly. For a step by step guide, read our How to Remove Gel Nail Polish blog post and have a go at using our Removal Kit & Tool Bundle.

However, if you’re wanting to remove a polish from SensatioNail’s new Nailtural Natural Nail Polishes range, use our vegan-friendly Nailtural Polish Remover. Enriched with vegetable and soy, it is a super gentle remover with is non-drying for your nails and completely acetone free. Simply apply to a wipe or cotton pad and gently wipe away your polish.



Try our clear Nailtural Nail Strengthener as a base coat, to restore unhealthy nails and help prevent breakage and bond splitting. Composed of 85% bio-sourced ingredients such as potato, corn and wheat, they will give your nails a nice shine without adding harsh chemicals.


More Tips

Finally, if you’re looking for more tips to keep your nails in good condition, check out our 7 Tips to Avoid Split Nails blog post or have a read of our Q&A with SensatioNail manicurist, Sarah.

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