My SensatioNail Story - Sarah

My story is one of chance encounter

My name is Sarah I am 40 years old, wife and mother of 2 young men Joshua and Ryan. I am the nail technician for SensatioNail UK . I work on social media answering questions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so you may have chatted with me before. 

Where it all began

I am a Level 3 creative hair stylist, I was working in a salon when a lady came in needing some assistance with her hair, she was a lovely person who was very bubbly and chatty, we got talking and she explained she worked with a company who did various products in the beauty industry - nails, eyelashes, make up brushes and nail kits etc.

We kept in contact and she would come in and have her hair done, she explained they were launching a new product called SensatioNail (this was back in 2012) and needed some help and wondered if I would be interested in also testing out the products.

Of course I jumped at the chance as I had always had a very keen interest in nails and because it was a system created for at home use I didn't need a qualification to use it. As the years went by I tested more products, helped out at events and also started to help monitor the SensatioNail Facebook page.

My SensatioNail Story-sarah - first sensationail experience

Some Time Later..

After some time while working in a salon I finally got chance to go on a manicure/pedicure course followed by my Calgel training, this now meant I had a vast knowledge that I could use with SensatioNail, not because you need it but because it meant I could fully understand the way the system works and I could help our SensatioNail fans with application issues.

Soon my priorities changed and a salon job no longer suited my family, I needed to be flexible and be able to pick and chose when I worked, it was the hardest and scariest work related decision I ever made, so I left the security of a salon to become self employed where I could carry on doing what I loved, it also meant I could attend more events for SensatioNail when they needed me.

I can honestly say it was the best decision of my working career, I am free to do what I want and when I need to do it. 

How Good is SensatioNail?

Being a trained nail technician means I have tested a lot of gel polish, my customers also give me a lot of feedback on my own Facebok page, I have spent a lot of money on various other products and SensatioNail has topped them all, I am not saying that because I work with them, I am saying that because I truly believe it plus my customers accept nothing but the best long lasting polish and only SensatioNail has given me that. I use my SensatioNail colours 99% of the time, the 1% is me testing other brands and samples from time to time but I always come back to my SensatioNail.

I am someone who has to believe in the products they use, I could not do the job I do if I truly didn't love the products and the original multi step system is my favourite.

My SensatioNail Story-sarah - red-black sensationail manicure

Salon Quality

Did you know that the original SensatioNail multi step polish system is actually salon quality?

I have personally found that other brands gel polishes used in salons are not as versatile or as hard wearing and because of all the application techniques you can use with SensatioNail it will suit almost all fans, I have helped develop the appliction guides that you follow today so that fans with oily or dry nails can use the system with ease.

We have various base coats, top coats and ways to create your own polish colours, the primer is amazing especially if you use it to your advantage on oily nails.

Come And Talk To Us On Social

Never be afraid to ask questions or speak out, our Facebook page is not just a place to advertise new products it's a community of people who just love the products, we share stories, offer advise and get serious nail envy.

Remember, no matter how much we think we know we are all still learning, I might be a nail tech but I still learn new things from the fans, there are some amazing hints and tips that they have taught me and I am more then happy to share them with you all on the page.

My SensatioNail Story-sarah-profile

Back to my story

SensatioNail has given me chance to work with some amazing people and I have been lucky enough to attend some fantastic events and venues. I have visited London to host several blogger events, the Clothes Show at the NEC and the amazing Children in Need events at Boots HQ just to name a few.

I am still an active manicurist painting my clients nails and I am lucky enough to have nearly every shade ever launched so they are spoilt for choice.

With SensatioNails popularity I am now based mainly on the social media pages, the brand has grown so much as has our fan base and we have a huge community of 'SensatioNailers' who just love nails.

I will be here to answer your questions and offer as much help where I can, so next time you message it might just be me you are talking to.

So now you know  #mysensationailstory and the person behind the name, come and say hello!

Love Sarah

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