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SensatioNail literally saved my nails and here's how #mysensationailstory. Like many young teens, one of my worst habits was biting my nails, I was a chronic nail biter and saw no sign of stopping. I was told by my mum and others that they used to bite but they don't anymore and I just couldn't understand how?


It was second nature to me, my default for any bored or stressful situation. Then in walked nail polish, my saving grace not that I knew it then. Like many young girls, I painted my nails with random nail polishes every now and then, but I would usually forget about it and proceed to my bite them. It wasn't until the second year of secondary school where I actually started to notice other girls with nice nails, and I became jealous that my nails couldn't look that good.

Being a young teen there were and still are many pressures that force girls to compare themselves to each other, constantly seeing a better version of them no matter what they do.

At this point, I decided to properly sit down and paint my nails, some purple colour that I had received out of a magazine. It wasn't a great job but I was happy with them, and I couldn't stop looking at them. Zoom to a day later, and I had unknowingly bitten them all of leaving a very unattractive chipped nail polish behind. I wanted to stop biting but didn't know how, and so my mum took me to get some gel nails done, at an actual salon. I loved it, and since then it was deal that if I stopped biting my nails I was allowed to have them done properly. Only problem with that was the cost, I loved the look of gel nails but it was expensive to have them done every few weeks.

My SensatioNail Story-liv-first-nails

Becoming a teenager, I was very much ready to start exploring my style, however, being in school meant that was very limited, uniform, no unnatural hair dye, no makeup, and with a new headmaster no nail polish! (if someone could ever explain that one to me?) This meant my protest against my nail biting habit went downhill. I wanted nice nails but was limited to having them two days a week or in holidays. If only there was a nail polish of salon standard that I could put on and take off at home!


I received my first sensational starter kit, which I immediately wanted to use. My first manicure was, well, a lot of trial and error - I was too excited to read the instructions ending up in a messy and hard to remove first attempt. I was able to have these amazing glossy, NON chipped nails for the whole holiday, and it instantly made me more confident, I was writing differently, eating differently, doing homework with breaks every 5 minutes to admire them. But most importantly I stopped biting my nails completely, and can say I've been bite free since 2015!

My SensatioNail Story-liv-not-my-nanas-pearls

Once I left secondary school and moved onto college I suddenly had the freedom to paint my nails whenever I wanted! This meant I could spend time doing more intricate designs, actually trying new things with nail art stickers and studs and glitter, lots and lots of glitter.

My SensatioNail Story-liv-tropical-punch

I had more and more SensationNail polishes by the minute, as presents and treats, my polish collection was growing,  then the Polish-to-Gel product was released and my collection grew even more! Now I could also turn my normal nail polish into a gel aswell.. so my collection like doubled overnight!

My SensatioNail Story-liv-not-past-curfew


The only other problem with my new nail polish passion was the removal, I learnt how not to do it which seems like a common problem. I eventually learnt to actually follow the instructions (that's what my mum is always saying), however, the scratching off of the polish was never pleasant and my parents definitely didn't appreciate random pieces of gel nail popping up everywhere when I was home, you know the drill.. arm of the sofa, mean to pop it in the bin, kind of get sidetracked.... So when I received the email announcing the release of a peel-off base coat I literally cried with happiness! StripGel has been the answer to my prayers!

My SensatioNail Story-liv-stripgel

Many of the YouTubers I watch for inspiration use a peel-off base coat and swear by it and so I couldn't wait to get in on the action. The peel-off base coat is incredible and although took me a while to get the hang off means I can change my nails easily and quickly without damage or mess. Love love love it!

My SensatioNail Story - Liv

I'm now at uni and have started a little instagram page with a friend who's into makeup @blend_polish, it's quite new but I'm sharing my nail art stuff on there, I'm under no illusion that it will be paying off my student loan or anything.. it is honestly just for fun. My designs and ideas are all based on inspiration I take from others and so if I can inspire you, my work here is done. Thank you SensatioNail for saving my nails and for continuing to bring out exciting products, keep em coming!


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