SensatioNail mini led lamp

Gel nails on the move

SensatioNail is now even more portable

We know you love your SensatioNail gel nail kit and now we’ve made it even easier to use your kit on the go. Introducing the LED mini lamp for gel nails!

gel nail travel lamp


Part of the Fuse range, the mini lamp works perfectly with SensatioNail gel nail polish on a 30 second cure time.

Take it anywhere

The mini lamp has a USB adaptor and will work off the mains so you really can use it anywhere. Plug it into your laptop for emergency at-work-repairs (don’t let the boss see you) or keep it in your car so you have it to hand wherever you are (not to be used whilst driving, obviously!).

The LED mini lamp is small, lightweight and compact. You can even take it on holiday in your suitcase - perfect for touch-ups or a complete colour change.

How does the SensatioNail Mini Lamp work?

Just pop your finger in to the lamp (there is a little groove for perfect positioning) and press the button on top.

After 30 seconds the LED lamp will turn off automatically. It really is as simple as that!

Fingers and toes

The mini lamp is perfect for toenails too. Just pull the top off and turn it around – it’s magnetic so it won’t fall off. Place your toe underneath, press the button on top and cure for 30 seconds.

If you’re a gel nail fan you will love the mini lamp. Ideal for touching up nail art, fixing gel nail polish or putting a travel kit together when space is at a premium.

mini gel nail lamp for fingers and toes
buy the mini gel nail lamp now

Available to buy now

Gift shopping for a gel nail polish fan? If you know anyone who has a gel nail starter kit, loves their gel nail designs or uses their SensatioNail gel polish all the time, this is the perfect gift for them.

The Mini Lamp is just £15 and available to buy here. The Mini LED lamp includes:

  • The lamp
  • USB charger
  • Mains adaptor
  • Pack of 12 lint free wipes

Pop one in your basket now and find even more places to do your nails :)