Using gel nail polish in the sun

If you’ve been on holiday with a gel manicure you may have discovered that some shades of gel nail polish can fade in the sunlight.

Gel polish will only really fade with extensive exposure (like a week long holiday in the sun) but it is more noticeable with brighter pinks and coral shades.


Why is my gel polish fading in the sun?

As well as reacting to direct sunlight, gel polish can be affected by a few other holiday-related activities and products.

How to prevent gel nails fading in the sun

Products containing DEET

Many suncreams, insect repellents and after-sun creams contain a product called DEET. DEET is one of the main culprits which causes gel polish to fade. It can also cause gel polish manicures to go patchy.

We’re not suggesting you avoid using suncreams, just make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after application of any of these products.

Swimming pools / spas

Pools and spas tend to have chemicals in them including chlorine. These chemicals can affect the colour on your nails so we recommend washing hands thoroughly once you leave the pool or spa to minimise any fading.


Holiday gel manicure

can hand creams make gel nail polish fade

Hand creams

You wouldn’t think a simple hand cream could interfere with the quality of your nail colour but if left to deposit around and under the nail tips, it can affect your gel polish. To minimise damage, use a lanolin free hand cream.


As nice as it is to sit in the sun, do not ever apply SensatioNail outside or in direct sunlight (for example next to a window). Direct sunlight can cause your gel polish to set in the bottles and on the brush!


Gel nail polish reacts to sunlight