Let’s stay in: October Colour Collection

Who said looking great is for going out? There’s a lot to be said for a home pampering session, followed by a cosy snuggle on the sofa, all the while feeling fabulous with gorgeous gel nails. 

So in the spirit of staying in on those chilly nights, we’ve put together an autumnal gel nail polish colour collection for you. 

Nude Mood

Go nude at home with this all-season gel nail colour. It’s a great base for a French manicure, nail art, or on its own as a versatile go-to to match with any outfit. It goes well with darker fabrics like black and navy blue, but equally well with white, cream, burgundy or red. And yes, that includes a nice glass of merlot.

In the Shade

Another muted classic, this natural stone-brown shade goes beautifully with warm, autumnal tones. Mix and match with alternate gel nail polish colours or go all-out to add a gentle warmth to your look.

Sugar Plum

This rich, sumptuous shade is sweeter than mulled wine and is just perfect for the season. For a vibrant look, pair it with green or orange, cool it down by coupling it grey, or release your rock ‘n’ roll side by pairing with black and denim.

Pink Sand

Soft, warm and sweet, this gentle pink is great for the office, the gym, a night out and, of course, cosy evenings in. So line up the rose and cupcakes, and get set for a pampering session that’ll leave you with shiny, gorgeous gel nails that’ll last up to two weeks without chipping. 

Rose gold glitter

Time to shine! For those of us that like to make a statement, this glamorous glitter gel nail polish is just perfect. In a gorgeous rose pink flecked with metallic sparkles, you’ll look every inch the superstar. Not going out? Who cares! Even superstars need a night off now and again.