new nail art from SensationailWe’ve recently expanded our range of nail art products again!

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We’ve rounded up the newest and hottest nail art products below:

blue nail glitter dotsBlue Nail Glitter Dots

Tiny, stunning blue glitter dots for nails.

Think of our nail glitter dots as a chunkier version of standard nail glitter.They give a bit more texture to the nail and really catch the light. You will be amazed at how fantastically the blue colour changes in the sunshine and artificial light.

pink nail glitter dots

Pink Nail Glitter Dots

Hundreds (or maybe thousands?!) of tiny iridescent pink dots fill this 3cm round pot of nail art happiness.

The dots shimmer and change colour slightly as they catch the light, creating a powerful nail art effect.

Layer over a pink such as Precious Peony or Fuchsia Fab to bring the shade to life or work them into a design with black or silver for a really glamorous nail art style.

How to use Nail Glitter Dots

  1. Create a feature nail by covering one entire nail with a layer of glitter dots. Paint over your chosen colour with top coat and dust the glitter dots over the nail using a nail art fan brush or by sprinkling on with your fingers. Shake away the excess and allow the nail to dry by curing under the LED nail lamp. You can leave the glitter dots exposed for texture or paint another layer of top coat over the top to create a barrier for staying power.  (Tip - remember to wipe any glitter off your top coat brush before putting it back in the bottle!)

  2. Use these glitter dots to create stunning ombre nail designs. Place a scattering of glitter dots on the fan brush and blend, either up or down the nail to create a graduating effect. Add a layer of top coat to seal the glitter layer.

silver stars nail glitter

Silver Stars Nail Glitter

These silver stars are just heavenly. The holographic effect means that they show a rainbow of colours as they catch the light and will really stand out on a nail design.

Tip: if you are using these stars individually then use a fine, pointed tweezer to pick up and place the stars on the nail or dab a manicure stick with a dot of topcoat, pick up each star with the sticky end of the manicure stick and place on the nail gently.

metallic nail strips for nail art

Multi Colour Pastel Nail Stripes

If you are a fan of using striping tape in your nail art then you will love these pastel nail stripes.

Metallic nail strips in pastel pink, pastel blue, lilac, pastel orange, green, gold and silver. There’s a nail stripe here to suit every shade of gel polish.

Place over your nail polish and cut to size to create geometric nail patterns. Cover with a layer of gel polish top coat to seal the nail stripes.

heart nail stickersHearts and Stars Nail Stickers

These are a bit like really cute tattoos for your nails. Hearts with arrows stars with tiny gems in the centre of each heart.

This sheet contains approximately 25 nail heart designs in shades of blue, green and pink.

Wear on a feature nail or one on each nail. Cover with a layer of topcoat to seal or wear on top of polish for an occasion and peel off the next day.

Take a look at the full range of nail art available from SensatioNail. Including nail gems, nail studs, nail glitter, nail art tape and nail foil.

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