Introducing StripGel Peel Off Base Coat

Introducing StripGel - the Peel Off Base Coat.

You are going to love our latest product. A gel base coat which you can peel off!

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  • No more acetone
  • No nail damage
  • Air-dry base coat
  • Peel off to remove
  • Lasts for up to two weeks

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StripGel Peel Off Base Coat means No more acetone or soaking nails to remove gel polish and no damage to nails - it's super gentle.

StripGel can be used with any SensatioNail Original gel nail polish.

StripGel doesn't need curing. The Peel Off Base Coat air-dries in just a couple of seconds.

When you're done with your mani, simply peel StripGel off from the cuticle end of the nail. StripGel will come away from the nail easily without causing any nail damage or leaving any colour on the nail.

Lots of people are aking how long their manicure will last if they use StripGel. The great news is that it will last as long as your normal SensatioNail manicure - for up to two weeks!

How to use StripGel Peel Off Base Coat

  1. Prepare nails as normal. Buff gently and wash in luke warm water with a drop of washing up liquid.
  2. Wipe with gel nail cleanser to remove any oil, dirt or dust.
  3. Apply one layer of StripGel Peel Off Base Coat to the nail slightly away from all edges and allow to air-dry for a few seconds.
  4. Follow with your chosen SensatioNail Original gel nail polish colour and cure under the LED lamp.
  5. Repeat with another layer of gel colour and cure.
  6. Apply No Wipe Top Coat and cure.
StripGel for Different Nail Types

How to remove StripGel Peel Off Base Coat

  1. Use a cuticle stick to gently ease the base off the nail. Start from the cuticle end or side of the nail - never start to peel StripGel from the tip of the nail as you could weaken the top layer of your natural nail. 
  2. Peel off slowly and gently.
  3. Wait at least 48 hours before removing your StripGel manicure.

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Shop StripGel Peel Off Base Coat

StripGel is available to buy on it's own for £15. Or why not trreat yourself to the new StripGel Deluxe Starter Kit

The Kit includes the latest SensatioNail LED nail lamp with USB and mains adaptor, StripGel Peel Off Base Coat, Nail buffer, Nail cleanser and wipes, Raspberry Wine nail polish, A mystery nail polish colour and our new No Wipe Top Coat.

We also have some new 'How To' videos for you, check out our Videos page 

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