salonlookblogI like to think of myself as pretty loyal; but when it comes to nail polish, remaining faithful to one colour seems impossible. 

Like most, I have my favourites that I wear again & again, but love to try out new colours.

The thing I don’t love, is taking it off and having to plan in ages to re-do so I’m not left ‘bare nailed’...

 Now with SensatioNail I don’t have to do that every time. :-)

Typical week for me now:

  • Thursday – apply SensatioNail manicure
  • Friday – paint over in normal polish (to match new night out shoes of course!)
  • Saturday – add nail art on top of normal polish for a change
  • Sunday – remove polish with acetone free remover and have perfect SensatioNail manicure back!
  • Tuesday – practice nail art – makes it so much easier when you can wipe off mistakes without disturbing your base colour ;-)
  • Wednesday – change of colour again – depending on the weather and what I’m wearing


Being fickle is necessary for fashion – that’s my story & I’m sticking to it!