How to use the SensatioNail Manicure Set

The SensatioNail Professional manicure and pedicure set is very versatile and gives many ways of caring for and preparing your hands, feet and nails; especially useful prior to applying your SensatioNail manicure.

What's included in the Manicure Set?

The Manicure Set comes with tools to use on both your hands and feet and is made to be used on your natural nails. The set includes:

  • Shaping discs
  • Thin filing cone
  • Thick filing cone
  • Sapphire cone
  • Polishing/Buffing circle
  • Cuticle lifter
  • Nail Brush
  • Air Dryer
  • Power adapter

electric maicure tool manicure set tool heads

Charging the Manicure Set

The hand held unit can be used cordless or by using the power supply provided.

The cordless unit needs to be charged for 16 hours prior to the first use and for 8 hours each time thereafter. One charge will last for numerous uses.

The hand held unit can also be used connected to the mains power supply. Please let the unit rest for 15 minutes after each 20 minutes of continual use.

Using the Manicure Set

Important – Care should be taken when using the set. If at any stage you feel any agitation, heat or discomfort please stop what you are doing, you might have buffed the nail or skin surface too aggressively which can cause damage, please be vigilant during use.

If you are diabetic, pregnant or have any other medical condition please speak to a medical professional prior to the use of the set.

sensationail manicure set how to

Flat disc heads (A/B)
When you first open your kit you see there are two sizes of the flat shaping disc heads. The ones on the left are more suitable for your fingernails and the ones to the right are for your toes and feet. You can of course use either for the other depending on what you are trying to achieve and the size of the nail you are working on.

You might find the finger sized ones are better for using on your little toes etc. These can be used for shaping your toe and finger nails however may also be useful for the skin on the foot and toes.

Thin Filing Cone (C)
The thin filling cone can be used to get in and around the cuticle area.

Please ensure you are careful not to put too much pressure on the nail bed, a very light touch is enough to do the job effectively.

The shape of the cone is ideal for any problem toe nails that need the edges shaping or for ingrown nails.

Thick filing Cone (D)
The thicker straighter cone is more suitable for the toe nails as it is more aggressive on the nail plate so is suitable for thicker problematic nails. Care should be taken at all times as nails have a delicate thin surface and using it too much or applying pressure can cause damage to the nail plate which will be painful.

Sapphire Cone (E)
The Sapphire cone is an amazing larger cone that you can use on your feet to remove rough skin but is also great to smooth and soften calluses.

The cone should be used with care to only remove the loose rough skin on the surface, please keep checking the area you are working on by cleaning away dust. If the skin looks pink or red please move away from that area to prevent causing damage.

Polishing/Buffing Circle (F)
The large polishing/buffing circle can used once you have finished filing to smooth and add shine to your nails if leaving them unpolished.  We would recommend that this is not used prior to any gel polish application as the polish may not adhere correctly and manicure could easily lift and chip.

Cuticle Lifter (G)
As in all nail preparation the cuticle work is important. Care should be taken to ensure the cuticle has been pushed back up out of the way, this will allow your nail to be painted easily and give a nice clean finish to the manicure/pedicure.

We would recommend that you soak your cuticles prior to using the tool as this will allow for easier use. Do not poke too far under the cuticle.

Nail Brush (H)
Use the Nail Brush as the final step to brush away any dust and reach in and around the nail to give a deep clean. 

Top tip: Use the nail brush with washing up liquid to thoroughly remove oils leaving you nails in perfect condition ready for your SensatioNail manicure.

Nail Air Dryer
The base unit also has an air dryer feature that you can use when drying your SensatioNail Peel off Polish. Simply plug in your power supply to the back of the unit and place your fingers into the slot and press down. The unit will blow air onto your nails until you release the button by lifting your fingers up and out.

Caring for your Manicure Set

Please ensure you wash/sterilise the heads after each use to avoid cross contamination. The sets are made for personal home use however for professional use please follow your health and safety protocol.