SensatioNail nail glitter puffers are must-have nail art tools for your gel nail varnish collection. Use them for beautiful glitter colours or nail art designs. Layer on top of your gel nail colour to create a show-stopping sparkle, mix into your top coat for a shimmer effect or mix glitter with the gel nail colour to create a new glitter version of your favourite shade. We’ve gathered some of the best glitter nail tips from our professional gel manicurists to share with you. Download a handy print and keep guide here

How to use glitter over a gel polish colour 

Complete the gel nail polish application steps as normal but just before you apply the top coat, gently puff the glitter over your nails. Depending on the number of puffs, you can create a very subtle effect or amazing full coverage of glitter. Once your desired effect has been achieved, use two coats of the top coat to seal the glitter in and create a smooth finish.?

Remember to wipe your top coat brush on a piece of kitchen roll before it goes back in the bottle!


Subtle shimmer effect

For an alternative ‘hidden shimmer’ effect, complete the application process as normal but try adding glitter between your two coats of colour.

Using SensatioNail glitter in your top coat

Complete the gel nail polish application steps as normal but add glitter to your top coat before you apply it.

  1. Drop some topcoat on to a piece of foil to make a small puddle about the size of a 5p piece
  2. Now use the glitter puffer to add glitter to the topcoat puddle until your desired effect has been reached
  3. Apply and cure for 60 seconds
  4. Add another coat of top coat and cure for 30 seconds

white lily 

Nail designs using the Glitter top coat

Mixing glitter into the top coat before application is perfect if you want to create nail art effects such as a glitter tip or a fade effect. A glitter tip is a great twist on the classic French manicure.

blue something

Glitter tip

Apply your glitter tip after the second coat of colour is cured.

  1. On a piece of foil, mix polish (clear or colour) with glitter using the bottle brush
  2. Apply in a thin line across the tip and cure for 60 seconds
  3. Add another coat of top coat and cure for 30 seconds

Glitter fade effect nail art

To create a glitter fade effect, paint half way down the nail with the glitter fading it into the plain polish as you go. Cure the nail once the desired effect has been reached and then apply a final top coat. See our nail art brush blog post for more easy nail art ideas. . 

Glitter nails in any colour

Create a glitter version of your favourite nail colours, or mix two colours with glitter for something really unique (see our colour mixing guide for nail colour ideas here).

Place a drop or two of your chosen colour(s) onto a piece of foil. Using the glitter puffer, add the glitter to the polish and mix with a brush. When you first apply the colour it will look a little grainy but leave it for a few seconds and you will see the glitter start to shine through.

Cure your polish and then apply the second coat applying in the same manner as your normal polish - again waiting for the glitter to shine through. Finish off with a top coat and voila! Perfectly smooth glitter gel polish!

Now available in seven colours, the glitter puffers create amazing holographic nail art effects. Try alternating glitter nail colours like red and green on each nail – or why not mix nail glitter together for the ultimate glitter effect?

Get really on-trend and try using the glitter puffers on an accent stiletto nail. Try just the ring finger or finger and thumb – whichever suits your style.

We’d love to see how you use the SensatioNail Glitter Puffers. Show us on Facebook and share your nail art ideas.

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