remove gel nail polish with wraps

Have you tried our updated removal wraps yet? We improved the design of them earlier this year to make removing gel polish at home even easier and neater.

Available as part of the SensatioNail gel polish removal kit, the removal wraps are the tidiest and quickest way to remove gel polish.

Each removal kit contains three sets of 10 foil wraps and a 4-way nail buffer block.

Top tips before you start

SensatioNail gel nail removal wraps

  1. Many people find it easier to do one hand at a time. If you are new to gel polish removal, try just one hand first.

  2. Make sure you are working on a flat surface to avoid any spillages. It’s a great idea to work on an old chopping board or put some paper or a towel under your hands as you use the wraps to avoid harming any surfaces

  3. Use the dropper to avoid spilling any acetone. If you do spill any acetone, stop and wipe it up immediately to avoid any damage.

Let’s remove your gel nail polish

 Buff gel nails   Tear open the gel nail removal pouch  Apply the gel nail remover wrap

  1. Using sides 1 and 2 of the buffer block, file away all of the top shiny layer of polish, being careful not to go down to the natural nail.  Also file the edges of your nails as if shaping -  this breaks the seal you made when capping

  2. Tear open the foil pouch and saturate the cotton pad inside with SensatioNail Remover liquid (sold separately) or 100% Acetone. Use the dropper to avoid any spillages.

  3. Place your buffed nail against the cotton pad inside and wrap tightly to allow the pouch to lock in the natural heat. Tip:  placing hands in rubber gloves, oven mitts or a warm towel will speed up the process.  Leave for 15-20 minutes. (Less if you did your manicure with Polish to Gel Transformer)

  4. Pull off the foil wrap. Most of the gel polish should have lifted inside the foil pouch.

  5. Remove the remaining gel polish gently using the SensatioNail removal tool (sold separately) or a cuticle stick. Push the polish gently away from the top of your nail, working towards the tip of the nail.  If it is stuck, don’t push too hard as this could damage the nail; wrap back up again for another 5 minutes.

  6. Once all the polish is removed, wash hands with some gentle soap and dry thoroughly.

  7. Smooth your nails with side 3 of the nail buffer. This is the fine side. If you are not doing another manicure straight away then for extra shine, give nails a polish with side 4 of the nail buffer.

  8. Apply Cuticle Oil if desired to nourish the nails and help strengthen them. Tip: if you are doing another SensatioNail manicure straight away, leave this step until afterwards.

Watch the gel nail polish removal video

For more tips on application and removal, visit our gel nail FAQ page.