SensatioNail have created a selection of nail brushes and tools to help you get precision-perfect gel nails. Use the nail art brushes to create stunning nail art designs, get the perfect French manicure or mix SensatioNail gel polish colours.

Here are a few tips on how to use the SensatioNail nail art brushes as well as some nail art design ideas. We love seeing your SensatioNail nail art designs. Keep sharing them with us on our Facebook page along with your own tips for perfect gel nails.

Marbling & Dotting Tool

The marbling and dotting nail tool is one of the most useful gel nail tools. It’s the easiest way to do Polka Dot nails as well as hearts and flowers nail art designs. You can also swirl blobs of colour together to create marbled effect gel nails.

The marbling and dotting tool can also be very useful if you are using rhinestones and gems in your nail designs. Use with a tiny dot of top coat to pick up and place rhinestones and gems neatly. Perfect!


Striper brush

The nail art striper brush is a precision thin brush for striping and detail work. Create nail art designs using lines, checked nails, netting and outlining etc.

You can also use the striper nail brush to create a narrow French manicure look using White Lily, ideal for smaller nails.

pink bouquet
bottom: thin solid #ccc;">

Slanted brush

This slanted nail art brush is used for tapered points or gel nail art that needs one thick stroke. The slanted nail brush is also great for blending gel nail polish colours and applying loose nail glitter.

With one small movement you can create perfect petals and the slanted brush is also great for a thicker effect gel French manicure.

white lily


Fan brush

The nail art fan brush is great for layering and blending gel nail polish colours to create ombre or feathered gel nail effects. The fan brush can also be used for flicking to create splashes of gel polish.

blue something

blue something

How to do Ombre gel nails

For a gorgeous ombre or gradient effect, place two dots of different colours slightly apart on a piece of foil, apply each colour to opposite sides of the fan brush then blend. This technique also works really well for feathering.

Are there other gel nail designs or nail art techniques you would like to know how to do? Let us know via our Facebook page and we will do our best to help. Have a SensatioNail day!