Tip for using SensatioNail Nail Shields

There’s been a lot of love for nail shields since they launched earlier this year. Not only do they protect your nails but they make removing gel nail polish a doddle - as they effectively turn your gel manicure into peel off nail polish!

If you’re new to nail shields, or not used to applying nail wraps or nail stickers (or nail strips as they are sometimes known), it can take a few goes to get it right. Stick with it - it’s definitely worth it. We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions and top tips to help you make sure you get the perfect gel mani.

How to prep nails for peel off nail shields

How do I prep my nails to make sure the nail shields will last as long as possible?

It’s a good idea to make sure any oily residue is removed from nails prior to applying nail shields. You can do this by either lightly buffing nails and wiping with Gel Cleanser on a Lint free Wipe or simply washing your hands with soap or washing up liquid.

How do I make sure the nail shield goes on smoothly with no ripples?

When you choose the nail shield, hold up the sheet against your nail and choose one slightly smaller than your natural nail. Then peel off and apply the nail shield, making sure you apply it close to the cuticle but not touching the cuticle edge. Gently pull the nail shield down and over the end of your nail, then gently press down to flatten each side. At this point you should try to smooth out any creases, rubbing your finger over the shields works well. It’s easy to get obsessed with the creases but don’t worry too much about the tiny ones! As you apply 3 layers of gel varnish to your nails the small creases will be covered and won’t be visible.

Then take the buffer and file in a downward motion each side of your nail from side to tip, then remove and discard the excess.

Top tip: After filing away the excess shield we recommend you cleanse the surface prior to polish application to remove dust particles and natural oils from your fingers (this tends to transfer when smoothing out the creases) which would affect application and longevity of the gel polish manicure. At this point you are ready to paint your nails. The nail shields work as a peel off base coat so no primer or base coat needed!


How to place sensationail peel off nail shields

How to get nails shields smooth and flat

I’ve finished my manicure but the tips of my nails are a little bumpy / rough

The best way to avoid this is to make sure you cap the nails with Top Coat well. If you do find that the tips are still rough once you’ve finished your manicure, try gently filing and buffing the tip of the nail to smooth it out. Once you’ve done this, apply another layer of top coat, making sure you cap the nails and finish off by cleansing as usual.

Next time you apply, pay extra attention to the tips of your nails when filing off the excess – make sure the edge is smooth before you begin to apply polish.

I find it hard to remove the nail shields - even when I soak them in warm water

The best thing to do is to file the tip of the nail before soaking in water. This will break the seal. There’s no harm in soaking your nails for longer than five minutes so an extra five may do the trick.

Use the manicure stick to gently prise a section of the nail shield free from the cuticle end and then peel off with your other hand. Don’t peel from the nail tip as this could cause damage to the nails where the nail layers are weaker.

The nail shields do adhere well to clean nails but don’t worry about peeling them off. Just make sure you go gently, peeling off bit by bit.


How to remove sensationail peel off nail shields

 use peel off nail shields under normal nail polish

What else can I use Nail Shields for?

Our shields are a multi-use product and you can also use: 

  • Under glitter polish - removing this can be a pain as it takes longer than normal polish and the particles can scratch nails.  With nail shields, simply peel off!
  • As a repair assist – split your nail low down?  Cover with a nail shield and apply polish on top and it prevents breakage until the split grows out and you can cut the nail down.
  • Under artificial nails – turn glue-on nails into easy-peasy peel-off nails. They still stay the 7 days but remove without the need of acetone.


For more info on how to apply Nail Shields, view our How to apply SensatioNail nail shields blog post here which contains step by step instructions and some handy videos.

Lots of people have been using nail shields and there are some really helpful blogger reviews available. Here are a few we think would be worth reading but if you know of any others which would be helpful, drop us a note on Facebook or Twitter and we will add to the page.

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