how to sensationail peel off nail shields

No more worrying about finding time to remove your gel nail polish. Try SensatioNail Peel off Nail Shields and wave goodbye to your soak off gel process.

Peel off Nail Shields are just like having a peel off base coat. Nail shields are great for two reasons:

1. Super speedy removal: Just peel off gel colour in seconds, no acetone remover or oils required.

2. Protection for healthy nails: Nail shields help nails to be stronger by creating a protective barrier between the nail and the gel polish.


If you regularly use nail wraps or full nail stickers (also sometimes known as nail decals), you should find our Peel off Nail Shields a doddle. If you’re a first timer, it can take a few attempts to get the perfect finish but be patient, practice makes perfect. 

How to use SensatioNail Peel off Nail Shields

Before you start: 

  • Allow plenty of time as application requires some concentration (remember – you will save time come removal!).
  • Work in good light as the Nail Shields are sheer.
  • Make sure your nails are clean with no residue of old polish, remover, dirt or oils.  For best results, buff lightly, then wash your hands and dry thoroughly.  Wipe with cleanser and air dry for a few seconds.

1. Take the strip of Nail Shields from the packet and select one which is just a little bit smaller than your nail.

Tip: Some people find it easiest to start with the little finger nail first and work in to the thumb nail. Then move on to the other hand.

find the right size peel off nail shield 

2. Gently peel the nail shield from the sheet and apply to the nail starting close to, but not touching, the cuticle. Press the shield down from the cuticle to the centre of the nail. Then press down on each side of the nail in an outward motion, smoothing out any bubbles as you go. 

Tip: If it’s not perfect, you can gently peel the Nail Shield back and re-apply a section but this can weaken the Nail Shield adhesive if done too much. You may also find it harder to remove the bubbles as you press down.

apply sensationail nail shields 

3. Use the flat side of the manicure stick to smooth out any remaining air bubbles, working in an outwards motion from the centre of the nail.

 using the manicure stick to smooth out bubbles

4. Fold the excess of the Nail Shield over the end of the nail. Using the file, file the excess shield off in a downwards motion. Keep filing until the Nail Shield comes off. Don’t be tempted to tear the tip of the shield off as this could move the shield from its setting.

Tip: Only file downwards when removing the excess tip of the Nail Shield. Don’t change direction or file sideways to avoid creating ripples or air bubbles which could reduce the length of time the Nail Shield will last.

 filing off the tip of the nail shield

5. You don’t need Primer or Basecoat – move straight to colour!  Apply your first layer of gel colour over the Nail Shield as you would normally over the base coat. Make sure you cap the tips of the nail - this is the secret to long lasting wear. If exposed at the tip, the nail shields could start to lift before you are ready to remove them.

6. Cure your nails with the LED lamp for 60 seconds.

7. Apply your second layer of colour, capping each nail again and cure for 60 seconds

8. Apply top coat. Cap the nails with top coat too and cure for 30 seconds

9. Soak a lint free wipe in Cleanser and wipe each nail until the tacky moisture layer is removed.

10. Your nails are completely dry!  Enjoy your super shiny manicure for up to 2 weeks. 

Removal (the fun bit - peel off polish!)

1. Soak your nails in warm water for 5 minutes. Not everyone does this but we recommend this if you have time and especially if you are removing the Nail Shields quite soon after application.

2. Using your nails or a tweezer, gently lift the Nail Shield from the cuticle end. 

Tip: If you can’t find a section to lift with your nails or tweezer, try pushing the flat end of the manicure stick gently under the edge of the Nail Shield to encourage some lift. 

3. Peel gently from cuticle to tip of nail to remove the whole Nail Shield in one go. No need to rush or pull too firmly, the Nail Shield will come off willingly.

peel off nail shields last up to two weeks 

4. To remove any remaining stickiness you can use cleanser, nail polish remover or just soap and water.

And you're done! How simple was that? 

Watch the how-to use Nail Shields video:

Take a look at SensatioNail fan Maria using the Nail Shields for the first time here: 

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