matte nail art ideas

SensatioNail Matte top coat

Turn any of our polishes from gloss to matte with our Matte Gel Top Coat. Apply in place of usual top coat, cure and cleanse to reveal a super matte finish.


Get creative

By using a combination of the gloss and matte top coat you can create a wide variety of designs. Apply a full coat of either gloss or matte top coat and cure, then using a nail art brush or dotting tool create lines, swirls or dots, cure then cleanse to reveal your amazing design.

Here are a few matte top coat nail art ideas to get you started. Let your artistic side run wild and don’t forget to share the results with us via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Gloss matte nail tips

Glossy tips

This one is simple yet so effective. Apply Base Coat as usual and then apply two layers of your chosen colour, curing as usual. Follow with a layer of Matte Top Coat over each nail. Once cured, paint just the tips of your nails using a gloss colour. Remember to cap the nail well and cure.

This works well using the same colour but can also be really pretty using a contrasting shade for a bolder effect. 


3D Polka dot spine

Apply base coat as normal then two layers of your chosen colour, curing each time.

Apply a layer of Matte Top Coat to make the whole nail matte and cure under the LED lamp.

Dip the marbling and dotting tool in your gloss colour, create a line of dots down the centre of each nail. Cure under the LED lamp and you’re done!

3D nail art 
matte ombre nails


Matte Ombre nails

If you’re a fan of ombre nails then you’ve probably already tried adding a matte top coat. We love the results!

To create ombre nails, simply place two dots of different colours slightly apart on a piece of foil. Using the fan brush, apply each colour to opposite sides of the brush then blend. Adding a layer of Matte Top Coat polish, rather than normal top coat gives the ombre an updated look with an edge.


Matte stripes

There are a few ways to create great stripes. For 3D stripes, use the Striper Nail Art Brush. Apply your chosen nail colour as usual, cure and add top coat. Then dip the striper brush into the matte top coat and carefully draw your stripes on wherever you want them.

For accurate matte stripes or geometric patterns, try using tape. Striping tape is available from some stores (and coming soon here!) but for a DIY solution, simply cut some masking tape (or similar tape) into thin strips. Cut all the tape pieces first or have a friend cut them for you as you go. This is ideal because your friend can then help you place them onto your nails!

Apply your gloss nail polish colour as usual, curing each layer. Then apply the strips of tape wherever you want the lines or stripes to appear. Paint a layer of matte top coat over the whole nail (including tape), cure and remove the tape to reveal perfect stripes. This technique will give you a reverse stripe look.

matte gloss nail art stripss 
matte glitter nails

Matte Glitter Nails

Ooh we love this look. We don’t need much of an excuse to wear glitter but if you need to dial it down a bit or want an edgier look then definitely give this a try.

Paint your nails with glitter gloss. (2 layers minimum - make sure you cure between each coat) or add glitter to your polish using one of the Glitter Puffers. Use the matte top coat instead of normal top coat and look at the gorgeous effect. You’ll be surprised how much of the glitter detail you can see! Love this look with The Naughty List and Frost Bitten.

Matte glitter also looks great one just one accent nail. Paint all nails with the same colour and use the Glitter Puffer to add glitter to the accent nail before layering the matte top coat on top.


Matte Half Moon Nails

Apply your base coat as normal then apply two layers of your chosen colour over the whole nail and cure under the lamp. Using a French manicure sticker guide or circular sticker (the best and cheapest are the reinforcement stickers you can buy in stationery shops) apply to the area you want to reveal as the half moon. Paint your matte top coat over the rest of the nail and cure. Then remove the sticker to reveal the glossy half moon.

Learn how to do this with contrasting colours in our nail art blog post.

matte half moon nails 
matte pastel nails



Matte Pastel Nails

Super sweet! Paint nails in blocks of pastel colours and finish with matte top coat for nails that look good enough to eat.




Chequerboard Nails

Sometimes also spelt Checkerboard nails. These are way easier to achieve than they look. Apply base coat, two to three layers of black gel polish or any colour of your choice (we've used Silver Glitter polish in this example) and cure as usual. Cut tape (use masking, nail art tape or trim Nail Shields) into small squares about half the length of your nail high and 2cm wide, depending on the size of your nail. 

Stick one of the squares to the top left corner of your nail and one to the bottom right. Paint over the whole nail with Matte Gel Top Coat and cure. Remove the tape to reveal chequerboard nails. 

chequerboard nail art chequerboard nail art