How to apply Express Gel nail polish

Express Gel nail polish is the fastest SensatioNail product available. Find out how to apply Express Gel for a 5 minute at-home gel manicure.

As with all manicures, we recommend that you prepare your nails to ensure that Express Gel is applied to a good clean foundation

Tips for good gel nail preparation

  1. Gently push your cuticles back if needed and shape/file your nails.

  2. Due to the natural oils present on the nails and dust from filing, we advise that you wash your nails using washing up liquid prior to application. We don’t recommend the use of hand soap as this tends to contain moisturisers that can inhibit adhesion!

Applying Express Gel

Application time: 5 to 10 mins.

express gel manicure

Step 1

Apply a thin coat of Express Gel polish and cure under your SensatioNail lamp for 30 seconds

Step 2

Apply a second coat of Express Gel and cure for a further 30 seconds

That’s it

How simple is that?! No need for Primer, Base coat, Top coat or cleansing.

The LED lamp

Express Gel will cure in all versions of the SensatioNail gel nail lamp, however you may need to experiment with timings between 30-60 seconds as lamp strengths may vary. Is is worth noting that darker colours may require a longer cure.

If you are new to the SensatioNail brand you can purchase the complete Express Gel Starter Kit, which includes the LED lamp you need to cure your Express polish

It is possible to purchase the LED lamp and Express Gel colour separately. Shop the range of SensatioNail gel nail lamps here.

If you are already a SensatioNail Fan and have a lamp, you only need to buy the colours

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