Lots of our customers ask us how to remove gel nail polish without acetone and the following is how we recommend you do it. 

Filing gel polish off is not something we would ever advise – it can damage your nails. We also recommend you do not pick, peel or bite it off!!

There is a way that you can apply your SensatioNail gel polish without the need to use acetone to remove it and this is why we created peel off nail shields, a film you apply to your nails prior to the application of your SensatioNail gel manicure. When it's time to take it off you simply file the tip edge gently and soak in warm water for around 10 minutes. Next, gently lift the polish from near the cuticle with a cuticle stick and simply peel off (do not peel from the tip as you could damage your nail).

Nail shields are available on our website and we also have a how-to video (above) and a helpful FAQ page. If you still need further assistance please visit us on social media where our customer service team will offer you assistance. We are very lucky that our Facebook page has the friendliest community of fans who are also more then happy to help – they sometimes even beat us to the answers!


How to remove gel nail polish without acetone

We know a lot of people do this, but did you know that it can be damaging to your nails ? You may notice your nails getting thinner or sore. When you pick your polish off you are actually peeling off a thin layer of your nails with it every time, ouch!

If you know you are a picker there are a few things you can do to help reduce the damage:

SKIP PRIMER – Primer is an adherence product, it bonds the gel to your nail making it stronger and inevitably harder to remove. Please be aware, that your nails might not last as long and could possibly chip without the primer, please use our primer guide to help.

LESS BUFFING – If you only want your polish to last a few days you can skip the buffing and primer, we still don’t recommend it but the gel should come off easily.

HAND CREAM/SUN CREAM – Hand cream with lanolin and sun cream with DEET have been known to lift nails and so can be a nightmare when you are on holiday. If  you don't have any acetone, foil or peel off sheilds with you,  3-4 days before you are ready to remove the nails starting rubbing the cream into your nails, under them and into the cuticle, this should start to lift the nails and make them easier to remove - Voila! 

The safest and quickest way of removing gel nail polish without acetone is by using the nail shields available here.

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