How To Create Pumpkin Halloween Gel Nail Art

Looking for easy Halloween gel nail art ideas? Try this spooktacularly simple pumpkin manicure.  It’s suitable for beginners, so whatever your skill level, you can achieve this playful seasonal look in minutes. And as with all our gel nail polish, it’ll last for up to two weeks. So your nails will look devilishly delightful right up to Halloween.

What you'll need: 

Four gel nail polish colours. For this, we’ve used Somewhere Incredible, Luscious Lemon, Midnight Rendezvous, White Lily, Eternal Flame.

A base and top coat

Dotting tool

LED lamp


How To Guide: 

Follow our step-by-step tutorial below: 

Step 1:

Prepare your nail. Use the SensatioNail file (available in our starter kits) to shape your nails, then gently buff them to remove any shine from the natural nail. 

Use the cuticle stick provided to gently push back your cuticles. Cleanse your nails using the lint-free wipes and Gel Cleanser. These items are available in our Starter Kits, or separately. 

Finally, apply the Gel Primer to your nail. TOP TIP: apply primer based on your nail type. Do you have normal/dry nails? Apply primer only on the tip and around the edges of your nail. Oily nails? Apply primer as you would nail polish, across the full nail. Leave this to air dry for 30 seconds.

Step 2: 

Apply two coats of Somewhere Incredible to your nails, leaving out one nail on each hand (we’ve gone for the ring finger). Cure under the LED lamp after each coat. 

Then, for your feature pumpkin nail, apply two coats of Eternal Flame, curing under the lamp after each coat.

Step 3:

Apply a small amount of White Lily to the dotting tool. Draw three triangles to represent the eyes and nose of the pumpkin. The triangles should be pointing towards the base of the nail. For the eyebrows, draw a chevron-shaped arch over each eye. 

For the mouth, create a jagged smile using the dotting tool. You may find it easiest to create a simple smiling mouth shape first, then draw the tool from the inside outwards along its length, to create the jagged effect. 

Cure under the lamp and repeat if necessary.

Step 4: 

Clean any residue from the dotting tool, and apply a small amount of Luscious Lemon. Inside each triangle, as well as in the mouth, dab on a small amount of the yellow polish. This doesn’t have to be uniform as it’s designed to look like glowing light. 

Clean the dotting tool again, and this time apply a little Midnight Rendezvous. Above the eyes, draw a small top hat shape. 

Cure under the UV lamp. You may need to touch up the hat and cure again.


Step 5: 

Now apply your top coat, capping the tips of your nails, and cure. Use a cleanser to remove any residue from around your nails.