how to sensationail french manicure

The French Manicure gel polish starter kit can look amazing but it’s a bit trickier than the other gel nail kits as the process includes the SensatioNail French Tips.

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Here’s our step by step guide to applying the French Manicure gel polish, including French Tips.

  1. Prepare your nails by filing them, gently pushing back the cuticles and lightly buffing the surface of each nail with the buffer. Then pop a drop of cleanser on a lint-free wipe and wipe each nail, making sure they are clean of any dust or dirt.

sensationail lint free wipe
2. Apply primer all over the nail.
Tip: For easier removal you can just apply in an 'O' shape around the edge of your nail or skip it altogether if you prefer.
3. Apply a thin layer of Gel Base coat.
Tip: Don’t forget to cap each nail with the gel base coat to ensure the polish is neat and lasts for as long as possible.
4. Cure nails for 30 seconds.
Tip: Cure thumbs first and then fingers - much easier.
5.  Apply the french manicure polish - either Sheer Pink or Clear.
6. Cure nails for 60 seconds.
7. Wipe nails again with cleanser on a lint-free wipe to remove any moisture.
8. Open your packet of French Tips and select the appropriate sized french tip for each nail. You can do this by holding the tips on their clear sheet up to the nails.
hold the french tips over the nail to check size

Note: The French tips are not stickers, they are a very thin layer of actual polish to give a beautiful seamless finish to your French manicure. This means they are fragile and great care should be taken when applying.

9. When you’ve found the right size, gently peel off the clear film and very carefully remove the French Tip. Place it on to your nail and gently press down.

sensatonail french tips   
placing sensationail french tips
10. Once the tip is on, use the Buffer to gently file each tip down to size. 
Tip: File in a downward motion for best results.

filing sensationail french tips

11. Apply a layer of Base and Top Coat over the entire nail including the French White Tips, remembering to cap each nail again.
Tip: For a more subtle look you can use a pale pink or nude shade to soften the line of the tips.
12.Cure for 60 seconds.
13. Repeat a second layer of Base and Top coat, capping each nail and curing for 60 seconds.
14. Wipe with Cleanser on a lint-free wipe to remove any remaining moisture and you’re done.
15. Perfect french manicure gel nails. All you need to do now is show them off!
If you have a Starter Kit, you can top up your essentials when they run low, such as:


How to apply SensatioNail French Manicure Video