prohomekitblogSensatioNail gives you a professional manicure kit that you can use at home, at work and on holiday. So instead of spending your time travelling to salons time and again to get perfect nails, you can use your SensatioNail manicure set to get that stunning look wherever suits you best.

Our easy to use manicure set for women will not only save you time, but will also save you money. Your Starter Kit costs only £60 and you will only have to purchase it once! This is because our Pro 3060 nail curing lamp not only dries your nails in seconds, but uses state of the art LED technology which means your LED light won’t need replacing – once you have your lamp, that’s it!

In your Starter Kit you have everything you need for 10 salon quality manicures, which can each last up to two weeks without chipping, peeling or cracking. Once you’ve finished your 10 perfect manicures you can get the Essentials Kit and the gel nail polish colour of your choice, to keep saving you time and money.

Having your own professional manicure set for girls means you can change your nails whenever you want, without having to book and travel to a salon appointment. You can get that salon quality look from your bedroom in no time and because it lasts for up to two weeks without any wear or tear it can even last for the duration of your holiday. And, if you want to change your nail colours while you’re away, just take your kit with you.

The SensatioNail colour range has many different shades to suit every outfit and every occasion. You can get beautiful, shiny, professional looking nails in 12 different on trend colours. So not only will your manicure set save you time and save you money – you can wear dazzling colours that won’t chip for up to two weeks. Get the salon look at home with SensatioNail.